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Can You Cook on a Rattan Fire Pit Table?

September 27, 2023 3 min read

The hottest trend in outdoor furniture today, fire pit tables allow you to enjoy the coziness of a natural fire and can be used as a table to place snacks and drinks and enjoy them with your friends and family. By purchasing a cozy rattan garden set with fire pit, you can make the most of your backyard all year round. Enjoy socializing and dining and spending warm, cozy evenings in the winter. With the transition from wood-burning fire pit tables to alternative fuels such as natural gas or liquid propane, many people wonder if it is still safe to cook with a gas rattan fire pit table. If you might be interested in all of this and want to learn more, read on and learn more about this type of fire pit table.

Is it safe to cook on this type of fire pit table?
Safety is one of the most common concerns for cooking with gas rattan fire pit tables. Propane, used in these types of fire tables, is a completely safe fuel that produces no harmful gasses or byproducts. Many grills also use propane as their fuel source. It’s safe to cook on a rattan table with fire pit, provided that you keep the burners and media (such as lava rocks and fire glass) clean. You don’t want food particles to block the burners and fire pit table media, as these can be safety hazards. The fire pit tables aren’t primarily designed to cook; they lack certain features commonly found in gas grills like food drip pans. So, if you plan to use your fire pit table for cooking, you’ll have to be extra careful, especially while roasting anything on the flame.

Cooking Safely on a Rattan Fire Pit Table

Will cooking on this type of fire pit table change the flavor of the food?
Another common concern among people who want to cook on their rattan gas fire pit table is taste. If you wonder whether your food will taste funky or odd if you cook on a fire pit table, rest assured. Cooking on a gas rattan fire pit table won’t alter food taste. As propane is a very safe fuel that doesn’t produce any byproducts, there’s no reason for your food to smell or taste weird. Natural propane is a perfectly odorless gas. However, when supplied commercially in cylinders, a chemical with a foul odor called ‘Ethyl Mercaptan’ is added to help detect any leaks. The amount of ethyl mercaptan added is very small, and once it’s burnt off, it doesn’t leave any noticeable smell, either.

Will cooking on this type of fire pit table damage it?
Cooking on a rattan fire pit table won’t damage it. But the downside of cooking on your fire pit table is that food drippings might land on the media or the burners. Although most of the food particles might burn off, some might clog the pores of the burners or cause some issues with flame distribution. Besides, as your gas rattan fire pit table sits outside, the food particles might attract insects and rodents that might gnaw on gas lines and cause potential leakage. To ensure your rattan furniture with fire pit is always in good shape, you shouldn’t wait to clean the burners and media (lava rocks or fire glass beads) once you’re done with cooking. That way, you don’t risk causing damage to the appliance or smoking the next time you try to use the fire pit table.

Types of Food that Can be Grilled at the Rattan Fire Pit Table

What can you cook on this this type of fire pit table?
It depends on the type of rattan table with fire pit and the food you are cooking. Not all rattan fire pit tables are designed for cooking. They can be difficult to clean if you are preparing greasy foods. You can grill less greasy foods like hot dogs, marshmallows, and foil dinners on a rattan gas fire pit table. There's only one problem, though. If you have a nice fire pit table, all that cooking can get a little messy, and you may need to spend a lot of time cleaning it when you're done.

The rattan gas fire pit table is a great addition to your patio or backyard and you can certainly cook on it. If you take the proper precautions and know how to clean and maintain your rattan fire pit table, you can enjoy perfect evening cooking on your firepit table the next time you entertain guests.

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