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How Can You Reduce Smoke in Your Firepit Table?

July 28, 2022 4 min read

Grilling at a firepit table is a relaxing way to spend time with loved ones or just enjoy a relaxing evening outdoors. But sometimes, when sitting at a table with fire pit, the smoke can irritate the senses and can interrupt your good time. There's nothing worse than sitting around a patio fire pit and being constantly covered in smoke. While you can never eliminate all smoke from a fire pit, what you can do is reduce the amount of smoke it produces. Learning to take the necessary precautions to reduce the amount of smoke produced by your table with fire pit is an easy way to keep everyone comfortable while also creating a quality fire.

Use properly seasoned firewood
Burning a completely smoke-free fire with natural wood may not be entirely possible. But with the right wood, you can have a pleasant fire with minimal smoke in your outdoor fire pit table. Generally speaking, using softwoods as your primary fuel will also produce more smoke than using hardwoods. Oak, ash, hickory and maple are good examples of low-smoke hardwoods. If possible, obtaining kiln-dried, air-dried hardwoods is the gold standard for reducing the amount of smoke produced by a fire pit. Seasoned firewood typically refers to 'green,' or 'fresh cut,' firewood that has been split, stacked, and allowed to air dry outdoors for anywhere from 6 months to several years. At the end of the drying process, the wood should be darker in color, the wood should begin to split at the edges, and the moisture content will be much lower. Kiln dried firewood is by far the best wood for fire pits, but it can be very expensive. Whatever you choose, make sure the firewood has been seasoned and dried in some way.

Use Properly Seasoned Firewood in Firepit Table

Store wood properly
If you don't store your wood well and make sure it stays nice and dry, then you will still have problems with excessive smoke. Many people make the mistake of stacking their wood outside, which can cause it to retain moisture. You should protect your wood from harsh weather, especially during wet and cold winters, and is vital to maintaining the quality of the wood you want to burn. Store your wood in a covered, open drying area. If possible, allow warm air to circulate through the area. Storing wood indoors is ideal because it prevents rain and morning dew from causing the wood to absorb moisture. If possible, do not stack your wood into piles. When you stack wood in piles, water will be more difficult to remove from the wood. Store your wood in an even layer with space between each log to allow for proper air circulation. Store your logs in as dry a location as possible so that you can effectively reduce the amount of smoke that comes from your fire pit bbq table.

Promote good airflow
Lack of oxygen is the number one cause of excessive smoke from a patio fire pit. If you have some sort of covering on your table top fire pit outdoor that cuts off oxygen, then you will experience more smoke than usual. Remove any coverings from the table with fire pit that could cause the fire to not get enough oxygen. Also, to increase oxygen flow, you should also arrange your firewood and fire correctly. The method of stacking firewood in the shape of a conical tent or hut often works best, because it can always generate a lot of airflow around the fire.

Maintain Good Ventilation Around the Firepit Table

Don't burn anything that is prone to smoke
If you want to reduce fire pit bbq table smoke, be careful not to burn anything that tends to produce smoke! Do not allow your friends or family to throw trash, newspapers, cardboard boxes or anything else in there. These burn very inefficiently and produce a lot of smoke. It may be fun to watch burn, but it creates an unpleasant odor, clogs airflow, and ultimately gives you trouble cleaning up later. Also things like leaves, grass clippings, branches and garden trash usually produce a lot of smoke when they burn.

Keep fire pit tables clean
Any debris in a garden table with fire pit will create additional smoke. Keeping your table with fire pit clean is one of the keys to stopping excessive smoking from your table with fire pit, especially if you are cooking on it. After the fire is completely out and cooled, dump the pit into a safe area or use a vacuum or shovel to remove any remaining coals. Your table with fire pit doesn't have to be very clean, but it needs to be free of debris from previous fires.

Keep Firepit Table Clean

Smoke is a nuisance as well as a health hazard, so taking the time and caution to ensure that your table with outdoor fire pit set produces the minimal amount of smoke is the best way to get quality use out of it.

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