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How Long is the Service Life of Rattan Furniture?

October 21, 2021 3 min read

Summer is the best season for outdoor activities, and it is a good choice to go outdoors to bathe in sunshine and enjoy beautiful scenery. You don't have to spend all day at home like in winter. It's time for you to go outdoors and get some fresh air. If you already have an exquisite garden or patio, I believe that it will be more attractive with the decoration of rattan garden furniture. You can enjoy the beauty of summer by sitting on rattan corner sofa in your garden. In the summer leisure and warm afternoon, you can sit on the sofa and read books or newspapers while enjoying the sunshine alone. Sometimes you can invite some close friends to come to your garden and sit on a comfortable sofa to enjoy a relaxing afternoon tea time. Or you can also have an outdoor picnic party in your garden. Therefore, it is very important for you to have high-quality rattan furniture.

Rattan Outdoor Furniture

Rattan style furniture has become very popular in recent years. Because of its simple color and unique pastoral style, it is deeply loved by people. This kind of furniture with pastoral style can bring fresh and simple atmosphere to the whole room after being integrated with modern design. What's more, it is also a kind of high-quality garden furniture, which is durable. Rattan outdoor furniture is usually economical, but its quality is not bad. When you go to the furniture market to buy furniture, you will find that it is usually much cheaper than other kinds of furniture. As people pay more and more attention to this kind of furniture, many people have a question----how long is the service life of this cheap rattan furniture? Next, I will explain it from outdoor and indoor aspects. I hope you can know all the information about the service life of this furniture and how to clean and maintain your furniture.

How long rattan furniture can be used outdoors?
Rattan cane is a kind of high-quality resin woven fabric, which can be woven into various kinds of furniture. As we all know, rattan cane can be divided into two types. One is natural rattan, the other is synthetic rattan. Natural rattan is not used for making rattan outdoor furniture without special treatment, while PE synthetic rattan is the best material for making this kind of furniture. Because of its special treatment, it can resist ultraviolet rays and weatherproof. This means that you can leave your furniture outdoors for a long time, and it will not be easily damaged. Therefore, the advantage of rattan outdoor furniture set is that it doesn't need you much care. With the least effort, you can enjoy your furniture for more than twenty years.

But if you want rattan furniture to last longer, you can take some measures to help it keep in good condition year after year. First of all, one of the most important ways to prolong the service life of your furniture is to cover it when not in use. This can effectively prevent furniture damage caused by extreme weather. Secondly, you can clean your outdoor furniture properly. Most stains can be removed easily, which is not difficult for you.

How long rattan furniture can be used indoors?
Compared with outdoor furniture, the service life of indoor furniture will be longer. Because it is kept indoors for a long time, it will not be damaged by sunlight or wind and rain. Natural rattan is the main material of rattan indoor furniture. Different from rattan outdoor furniture, indoor furniture does not need to be covered when not in use. However, it is inevitable that it will be stained with dust after being left at home for a long time. So you should dust your furniture regularly to keep it in good condition.

I will give you some suggestions on how to prolong the service life of rattan indoor furniture. First, you can use a vacuum cleaner or brush to remove dust and dirt from furniture. Secondly, you can clean its surface with a soft cloth. Last but not least, you can put the furniture outdoors and let it dry thoroughly under the sunlight. If you insist on maintaining your rattan style furniture according to these methods, its service life may be twenty years or even longer.

To sum up, the service life of your rattan furniture depends on where you place it and how well you maintain it. If you can take good care of it, it will certainly make your home more beautiful.

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