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How to Avoid Buying Poor Quality Rattan Furniture?

December 21, 2022 5 min read

There are many types of rattan furniture sets on the market today. Rattan is a material made from the bark of the rattan plant and is commonly used to make furniture and other products. Rattan effect furniture is often very durable and stylish, and can make a great addition to any home. Some of the most popular types of rattan style furniture include chairs, tables, stools and sofas. However, the quality of furniture on the market varies and some poor quality rattan effect furniture can be poorly constructed, just like some wooden furniture made from cheap, poorly constructed chipboard, which cannot withstand long-term use. Therefore, to ensure you get high quality pieces that will last, you should be aware of what characteristics poor quality rattan has.

High Quality PE Rattan Furniture

Outdoor rattan garden furniture is available to buy in two different styles - made from synthetic rattan or natural rattan. Natural outdoor furniture is made from woven rattan material and wicker and is also ideal for indoor spaces such as conservatories and orangeries. Synthetic rattan is an engineered resin material that is manufactured to look like the real thing. It is stronger and more durable than natural rattan, while looking and feeling the same to the touch. It has become more common in modern times due to advances in manufacturing. Synthetic rattan can be divided into 3 main types - PVC, PU and PE.

Look for: PE rattan is the most durable of these three materials and is mainly made of polyethylene. PE rattan has excellent weather resistance and is less likely to crack and become brittle when left outdoors all year round. They have excellent resistance to mold, sunlight, harsh weather conditions and extreme temperatures. This ensures that it can withstand all the effects of the British climate and helps your garden furniture to look as good as new year after year.

Avoid: Avoid furniture with steel frames and PVC or PU synthetic rattan. These materials are not weather resistant, the steel frames will rust when left outdoors throughout the winter, and the rattan will crack or go brittle.

Rattan Furniture with Glass Table Top

Table tops
Dining and coffee tables are places to gather with friends and family, especially for activities such as games, parties and crafts. But the more time you spend on that table, the higher the risk of damage to the tabletop. Spills and scratches can build up on your rattan dining table. In addition, rattan table tops require routine cleaning and maintenance to remain functional over time. You should consider choosing a table top with protective glass to protect the surface of your rattan furniture.

Look for: Quality rattan garden furniture will come with toughened safety glass on the coffee or dining table. Toughened glass is a scratch resistant and easy to clean material and is a modern choice to provide the right strength and durability for rattan tables. It is four times stronger than standard glass. This is why it is the best choice for rattan table tops, as this glass will only break into small round pieces and will not cause any serious damage. It protects against hard water stains, coffee spots or water rings formed by sweat. A rattan table with a glass top enhances the aesthetic appeal and matches the rattan table base perfectly. At the same time the glass table top makes it easy to clean your everyday furniture. A dry, clean cloth sprayed with water will keep your table top clean and shiny.

Avoid: Avoid rattan effect garden furniture without a glass top as this can become difficult to use in the height of summer. Rattan effect furniture may sag slightly in the heat, but without a glass table top the table becomes unstable. Also, avoid using glass that is not toughened and therefore not protected by safety. Regardless of the type of glass your rattan table top is made of, knowing how to maintain the glass top of your rattan garden furniture is also an important way to make your garden furniture more durable.

When you are looking for rattan furniture it is important to ensure that you are buying quality rattan furniture. One way to ensure this is to look for furniture that comes with a warranty. A warranty guarantees that if any damage is done to the furniture during ownership, the furniture will be replaced or repaired. This is an important thing to look out for when you are buying furniture as it ensures that you will have peace of mind knowing that your furniture is protected.

Look for: Another thing to consider is the warranty offered by the furniture. If you are considering buying rattan effect furniture, make sure you find out if the manufacturer offers a warranty. High quality rattan style furniture should come with a warranty of at least one year of normal use. This way, if anything goes wrong with the furniture, you can have it repaired or replaced without having to pay for it yourself. When checking out different rattan effect furniture stores, be sure to compare the warranty coverage. Some manufacturers may offer longer warranties, while others may offer a more comprehensive cover. Choose the manufacturer that you think will offer the best protection for your purchase.

Avoid:Avoid using rattan effect furniture that offers less than 1 year or even no warranty. If you don't have a warranty, the furniture shop may not take any action. It is also important to read the fine print of any rattan outdoor furniture warranty or lifetime warranty so that you know what is covered and what is not. This way you can be sure to take care of your furniture and avoid any damage that could invalidate the warranty.

Modern rattan effect furniture comes in all shapes, sizes and functions, so you can buy traditional spares such as tables and chairs, or choose to invest in fun and exciting new furniture such as modular sofas or cube sets. Whatever you choose to buy, make sure it is practical and user-friendly for the whole of you.

Look for: Good quality rattan effect garden furniture should have several useful features such as thick foam cushions, or non-slip rubber feet and an ergonomic design with a snug fit. These features will enhance your comfort and experience when using rattan furniture. Also, some modular and cubic designs can help to make better use and save space.

Avoid: Avoid choosing rattan effect furniture that is not easy to use. The added features should make your furniture easy to use; however, some rattan style garden furniture may have unnecessary features that are not suitable for your use. If you have a small range of space, you should avoid choosing a semi-curved rattan sofa, which may waste more of your space. This may vary from person to person, so it is more of a taste preference.

Over time, quality patio furniture will provide users with lasting beauty and security. If you are looking for quality rattan effect furniture to fill your outdoor space, you may wish to refer to the above points. We hope that the experience shared above will help you to select the best patio garden furniture set for you.

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