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How to Choose the Best Rattan Garden Table Shape for You?

January 06, 2023 4 min read

There are many reasons to own rattan outdoor furniture. From a place to play cards to planning a party, it should be somewhere you want to sit and enjoy a meal and have fun with family and friends when the sun is shining. Often, a garden table is a focal point where guests or family gather to enjoy good food and good company. The shape of the garden table will not only affect the look and feel of the room, but also the way you interact with your guests. When it comes to the shape of your garden table, the main popular choices are very similar to the shapes available inside - round, oval, rectangular or square. Whether you are looking to replace an existing garden table or add a garden table to your new home, it pays to pick a rattan garden table in the right shape for your space.

Rectangular garden table
The most traditional choice, the rectangular rattan garden table is the most common shape of garden table you will find in any furniture shop. The simple linear shape of these usually larger garden tables tends to offer scale and is best suited to larger, more open patios. For any large party setting, rectangular garden tables offer flexibility for large groups. On the other hand, they can take up a lot of space. For smaller rooms, they can be bulky. They can also feel impersonal and large when there are only 2 or 3 people around the table. Also, you may find it difficult to place cutlery on the sides and leave enough space on the table for food. If you do prefer a narrow table, consider placing food on a sideboard or buffet table so that guests can pick up their own food before being seated.

Rectangular Rattan Garden Table

Square garden table
The square rattan table is not as common as the rectangular garden table, but has its own unique character. Square tables also offer a greater sense of intimacy for smaller groups of people, something that long tables cannot do. A square table is also a great solution if there is not a large group of people sitting down most of the time. When smaller groups of people are involved, the satisfaction of sitting closer to them is much better than feeling spread out or dispersed. Often these are the most space efficient dining tables and the most popular option is the rattan cube garden furniture. Cube rattan set can bring many benefits to your garden. The great thing about it is that all the chairs and stools fit neatly under the table, forming a perfect cube and thus helping you to save space in your garden. It provides a comfortable social dining area if you need to use it for meals and can often be extended when you have more or less guests coming to drink and dine with you.

Square Rattan Garden Table

Round garden table
Square garden tables are not the only solution for smaller or square rooms. A round rattan patio table is another possibility and it is one of the best shapes for smaller gatherings as everyone can see everyone else, conversation is easier to carry on and the setting feels more comfortable and intimate. The round table is a good choice for curved terraces or small gardens, or even for terraces or gardens that you want to partition and provide multiple functions. The curved edges make for a smaller footprint, taking up less space and making it easier to move around. If you also prefer informal family dining, a round garden table is the best option as there are no table heads. The only thing to consider is that conversations can become tricky at larger round tables, making it more difficult to talk to the person opposite, so diners are limited to the person sitting next to them. This is where a square table may be a better option.

Round Rattan Garden Table

Oval garden table
Just as rectangular and square garden tables have something in common, so do oval and round rattan garden tables. This style of table is a compromise between rectangular and round designs, as the sides are more linear and the ends are rounded, taking into account the best of both worlds. Visually, it appears to take up less space than a rectangle due to the rounded corners, but this also means that it has less surface area. If you have a narrower or smaller room and may sometimes need to accommodate more people, you may want to consider an oval table. If your space is quite angular, an oval garden table can often help soften your outdoor space while still fitting in perfectly. If you need to open up a narrow patio or garden to make it feel larger, then a thinner table will help to create the illusion of a larger space.

Oval Rattan Garden Table

These are the benefits of each of the four common shapes of rattan patio table. Rattan garden table and chairs are durable, look great and are designed to withstand the British weather. Now that you know all about garden table shapes, you'll have a better idea of which shape is best for you.

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