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How to Clean Charcoal Fire Pit?

April 28, 2022 3 min read

Nowadays, portable fire pits are becoming increasingly popular for barbecue parties, camping, picnics and other outdoor activities. Especially for families, fire pits are becoming a welcome addition to a patio or outdoor area used for entertaining. On cooler nights, you can spend an invigorating evening around the fire pit with friends by the campfire. This will make you feel real, warm and comfortable. If you want to experience these moments, you will need a clean portable bbq fire pit. Cleaning it regularly to keep it in good condition and working safely is a must to get all the comforts of a fire pit.

But when you use your portable charcoal fire pit, the problem of rust or the accumulation of stubborn ashes can arise over time. To ensure that it works safely, you should clean it regularly. Removing old ashes and debris and wiping away dirt will not only make your fire pit look better, but it will also help it last longer. If you use your fire pit for cooking, this will make the experience more enjoyable and sanitary. Below, you are shown how to clean your charcoal bbq fire pit so that it stays beautiful and works best during the day.

Step 1: Remove the ashes
First, you need to empty the portable outdoor fire pit of all charcoal pieces and dirt. But before cleaning the charcoal ashes, you need to make sure that it has cooled down. Wait until the ashes in the pit have cooled completely, and be extra careful because they can stay hot for hours. Do not try to speed up the process by pouring water on it, as sudden changes in temperature may damage the interior or cause any metal surfaces to deteriorate. We therefore recommend waiting until the day after use before cleaning. Then put on some protective gloves and remove any remaining large pieces of wood. Then, use an ash scoop to transfer all dust and debris to a metal bucket. Some charcoal bbq fire pits come with an ash pan, so you can just dump the ash from the inside of the pan. If you have flower beds, you can use wood ashes or place them on the compost pile. It is a natural source of potassium and has a liming effect, making it ideal for restoring overly acidic soils.

The Ashes of Charcoal Fire Pit

Step 2: Scrub the surface
Remember to wear some protective gloves when scrubbing the charcoal bbq fire pit. Fill a plastic bucket with warm water and add a tablespoon of dishwashing liquid or soap solution. Dip a sponge or soft cloth into the cleaning solution and scrub the inside and outside of the fire pit. If you have a fire pit lid, use the same solution to clean it. Also like a barbecue grill, a portable bbq fire pit may have a grill for cooking. After being exposed to fire for a long time, these cooking grids will eventually rust. Not only does rust look unattractive, but it also affects the taste of the food cooked on them and can be harmful to our health when ingested. The key to keeping them clean is to remove the rust as soon as possible. To clean cast iron cooking grids, you can use salt paste, baking soda paste or vinegar. To use salt paste, you first need to mix water and coarse salt until it becomes a paste. Apply it to the rusted area and then wipe it down with a steel brush or wool.

Scrub the Charcoal Fire Pit

Step 3: Rinse and dry
Finally rinse the entire portable bbq fire pit with a bucket of fresh water or garden hose. But make sure you do not rinse it with still water while cleaning as still water can cause the metal fire pit to rust. After rinsing thoroughly, remember to dry the charcoal bbq fire pit immediately with a clean cloth and make sure it is completely dry to prevent moisture buildup. Also after wiping the fire pit, then place it in a ventilated area to allow it to dry faster. For steel fire pits, if you want to put them away after cleaning, you can wipe the surface first on a layer of oil (any type of oil) to keep the interior permanently dry.

Rinse and Dry the Charcoal Fire Pit

Cleaning a portable charcoal fire pit is a relatively easy task. Just a few simple methods can help keep your fire pit clean. Depending on how often you use your fire pit and whether you keep it covered between uses, you will need to deep clean it every six months or so. Of course, if you clean your portable charcoal bbq fire pit before each barbecue can help reduce the number of deep cleanings you have to do each season. Cleaning your fire pit properly will give you a certain sense of satisfaction and it will make your next outdoor picnic more enjoyable and relaxing.

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