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How to Create a Cozy Outdoor Haven this Winter?

June 02, 2022 3 min read

An outdoor garden or backyard space is a great place to get some fresh air and enjoy nature. Yet winter keeps many of us indoors. The cold, dreary days of the season mean we want to stay warm and cozy. But even when covered in snow, we can still find ways to enjoy our outdoor living spaces. Here are some tips to help you make the most of your outdoor space even when the temperature drops, turning it into a cozy haven for you and your family.

Protect your garden furniture
During the winter months, your garden furniture is put to more severe tests. This means that you need to always consider the invasion of rain and snow. While the general cleaning and maintenance of garden furniture may vary from material to material, there is one similarity - always cover your garden furniture with the furniture cover. Protective covers are especially important if you have recently invested in a new set of rattan garden furniture that you intend to use for a long time. Well fitted protective covers ensure that your beautiful rattan effect garden furniture is preserved in a fine condition, something that another type of cover could not offer. Therefore, if you have the intention of replacing your furniture, it is recommended that you purchase protective covers at the time of purchase so that you can always get the size. Of course, you can also equip your furniture with additional suitable furniture covers, but please get the basic tips on buying the best patio furniture cover in advance, so as to ensure that your furniture covers can provide longer-term protection for your furniture.

Protect Your Rattan Garden Furniture

Combine blankets and pillows
To make sure they get maximum comfort in the face of all the harsh winter weather, be sure to provide your outdoor space with outdoor-friendly pillows and blankets. Cushions will keep you and your guests warm from all angles. Your seating comfort will also be greatly enhanced when you add a bunch of soft, fluffy pillows to your rattan sofa. Having extra blankets on hand takes the comfort factor a step further. When you or your guests aren't dressed warm enough, a thicker blanket set aside for outdoor entertaining will be a lifesaver for warming up and staying out of the cold! Also, some beautifully colored pillows and blankets will add extra charm to your outdoor space.

 Add Pillows and Blankets to Rattan Garden Furniture

Add heat and light
You can't entertain outdoors in the winter without creating warmth. If you're spending time dining outdoors this winter, then you can make it a winter-friendly space by simply adding a patio heater. If you have a dining table, then a patio heater is a great way to keep everyone around the table warm. If you have a sofa set or rattan garden table and chairs, then a firepit table will distribute heat throughout your area. You and your family can also roast some marshmallows on the table to make morels and enjoy the food and fun next to the flickering warmth of the flames. In addition, these patio heaters and fire sources double as light sources, perfect for getting in at night and getting darker faster. Of course, you can also install some string lights and lanterns can help cut through the dreary darkness and fill your backyard or patio with a warm, invigorating glow.

Rattan Garden Table and Chairs and Firepit Table

Prepare a cozy rug
Don't neglect the floor. Deck floors can get very cold in the winter, especially if your floor is made of conductive materials such as brick or stone. The cold emanates from concrete surfaces or wet floors. Make your winter deck more comfortable by adding a soft carpet to your deck so people can walk around barefoot indoors without getting cold feet. Also pairing it with your rattan garden furniture will make your outdoor space more inviting, especially if their colors and textures coordinate. On a covered patio, outdoor rugs can often be placed outside. If you are creating a temporary setting for outdoor entertaining, try storing the rug in the garage and then taking it out. That way it will stay in better condition. Outdoor rugs are a very simple step that can make a huge difference in the cold days and nights.

Place Rattan Garden Furniture on a Rug

Enjoying your outdoor space in the winter is achievable. By using furniture covers, fire pit tables, pillows and blankets, and rugs, you'll end up with a winter outdoor haven that looks and feels super cozy, rain or shine.

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