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How to Create the Perfect Home Cinema in Your Garden?

June 15, 2022 3 min read

Outdoor living is being updated every year, from outdoor kitchens to outdoor bar ideas and, of course, outdoor living rooms. Many people are always experimenting with different ways to make the most of their outdoor space. Recently, creating a home cinema in the garden has become popular. The arrival of night offers the perfect opportunity to turn your garden into a home cinema and host al fresco screenings. Your own garden cinema can create a comfortable space to relax outdoors and enjoy great films with family and friends sitting in the rattan sofa. Whether you want to watch a sporting event, or revisit your favorite classic films. Setting up an outdoor cinema in your garden is actually easier than you might think. If you like the idea of having your own garden cinema, read on to find out what equipment you'll need to create a garden cinema you can enjoy in comfort.

Choose the perfect location
First, it is vital to consider the location of your home cinema. The goal is to find a quiet spot in your garden where your garden cinema will not disturb your neighbors. Sounds from your neighbors will not disturb or distract you from your movie experience. Make sure your garden theater is not near noisy commercial areas, major roads, etc. Take the time to consider the different locations in your garden and whether they are suitable for a garden cinema. When considering location, remember to consider lighting as well. Try to avoid areas where bright indoor lights, street lights or city lights may reflect off the screen. You can set up a portable screen or a sheet with a stand in your garden. Or a good place to lean against an outside wall of your home or garden fence or wall. At the same time, make sure the ground is dry and flat, so as to ensure that your rattan garden furniture makes guests feel comfortable.

Invest in a projector
The most important part of your home theater setup is the projector. Most projectors allow for HDMI connectivity via laptop or USB, or you can even opt for a smartphone projector, which allows you to simply stream from your phone to the big screen. For projectors, you'll want to purchase a more compact, brighter model that can be used even with the lights on. For outdoor use, we recommend at least 3,000 lumens for a first-class movie theater experience. If you want to upgrade the sound of your outdoor home theater, make sure you have some additional speakers that you can plug in and place around your garden, just make sure those speakers are facing towards your guests for the best audio.

Invest in a Projector

Create a comfortable lounge area
Comfortable seating is one of the most important aspects of an outdoor cinema. Therefore, it is important to create a comfortable space. You can create your outdoor home theater with soft, colorful cushions and blankets for a vintage camping atmosphere. Or you can purchase rattan furniture for more comfortable seating. For the best home theater experience, the rattan sofa is perfect for enjoying things on the big screen. The rattan corner sofa set has multiple functions. It can be rearranged into different configurations to fit your space and is perfect for watching movies with your family. Also its coffee table will be a great place for you to put your food and drinks, meaning you don't have to get up halfway through to get another coke and popcorn! Finally, your movie theater seating needs to be positioned correctly. It should be in proper relation to the projector or TV screen so that everyone has a good view.

Rattan Sofa Provide Comfortable Seating for the Perfect Home Cinema

Add useful accessories
Equipping your home theater with the right accessories can take the viewing comfort a step further. When creating an outdoor cinema, lighting is important so that you and your guests can see the movie you are watching. Outdoor electric heaters are a good choice because they not only provide enough heat, but also double as lighting. Meanwhile, some heaters have a more modern aesthetic and can be paired with any sofa set, making them a perfect addition to your garden decor. Garden extension cords and tripods will also come in handy for your home theater. Most portable projectors don't have a zoom lens, and a tripod ensures perfect positioning every time. Garden extension cords will also make some of your powered equipment much easier to use.

Electric Patio Heater Provide Warmth for the Perfect Home Cinema

Creating a home cinema in your garden will add value to your home and provide an exciting new entertainment experience for you and your family. Now fill your bowl with popcorn or ice cream, sit back and enjoy the movie!


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