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How to Dry Your Rattan Furniture Cushions Quickly?

December 28, 2022 3 min read

Outdoor cushions are an important part of any rattan garden furniture. Not only do they provide comfort, they also add color and style to a space. Although some outdoor cushions are made from waterproof fabrics, they can also absorb moisture when they are exposed to rain and left untreated for long periods of time. This can make them wet, making it difficult for you and your guests to use the rattan sofa until they are completely dry. If not dried properly, damp patio cushions can give off an unpleasant smell. Mold and mildew can also start to grow, causing stains and other problems. Fortunately, there are a few simple methods you can take to dry damp patio cushions quickly.

Methods suitable for outdoors:
Drying it outside in the sun is one of the easiest and least laborious ways to dry out damp rattan garden furniture cushions. All you need to do is let them sit in the sun and let the natural breeze blow. This works best if you shake or wring out as much moisture as possible before leaving the cushions in direct sunlight to dry. You can also turn the mat over every few hours to speed up the drying process. Foam or sponge takes a while to dry, so do not fret if your cushion is not completely dry after a few hours in the sun. One thing to remember is that you shouldn't leave your cushion in the sun for too long, otherwise the UV rays may cause the material to start falling apart.

Methods for Drying Rattan Furniture Cushions Outdoors

Methods suitable for indoors:
If it keeps raining and the humidity outside is high, you can also dry the cushions indoors by the following methods.

Use a dehumidifying gel pack
If you have used one of the above drying methods on the pads and they still look wet, you can always choose to use some dehumidifying gel packs. Simply place each cushion and some gel packs in a separate bag, do not make the bag too tight and seal each cushion. Put the bags with rattan furniture cushion in a dry and warm place and check them for dryness after a few days. If you still notice that they have moisture, wait a day and check again. You can repeat this process until they are completely dry.

Use the bonnet of your car
As a drying method, you can try placing rattan corner sofa cushions on the bonnet of your car to dry. As cars are made of metal, they attract the sun like a magnet. As with other methods, it is best to wring the cushions out or press them down a few times before placing them on the bonnet of the car. This way, the water will evaporate from them more quickly. This method is, of course, most effective on sunny summer days. It will also work better if your vehicle is darker in color. Make sure you put a towel under the mat. Otherwise, you could accidentally damage the paint or metal of your car.

Use a fan
As well as using the wind and fresh air from outside to dry the cushions, you can also place them in front of one or two fans in your home, although you can also install a couple of fans outside. If you decide to use this method indoors, you should do so in your bathroom as your rattan furniture cushion may drip. An effective technique you can use before installing the fans is to place the mats on towels on the bathroom floor or in the bath, then place a thick towel on top of each mat. Now, use all your weight on the towel to draw some moisture out of the mat. You can repeat this process a few times for best results. The more water you squeeze out of the mats, the faster they will dry in front of the fan.

Protect Outdoor Cushions from Drying Out with Rattan Garden Furniture Cover

Rain and accidents do happen, but most of the time you can take precautions to keep your garden furniture cushions dry. A waterproof cover for your garden will save you time and keep your cushions in tip-top condition for longer. This is therefore one of the key reasons why many people consider investing in a rattan garden furniture cover. Finally, don't forget to wash and dry your bed covers regularly to avoid mold and fungus growth.

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