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How to Host the Perfect Garden Party with Rattan Garden Furniture?

March 11, 2022 4 min read

A good garden or backyard provides you with an outdoor living space that will allow you and your family and friends to entertain and relax to your heart's content. And adding the perfect rattan outdoor furniture to the area is the ideal way to enjoy a meal, a barbecue, a cup of tea or any other outdoor activity you might want to do when the sun is shining. And of the many outdoor activities, garden parties are one of the most popular. While barbecues and pool parties are great classic outdoor activities, garden parties are perfect for sunny afternoons and cooler evenings, and inviting loved ones and friends to a garden party is a great way to improve communication between each other and can also prove to be fun.

But no party would be complete without the comfort of garden furniture. After all, no one wants to sit on itchy grass or eat from a weathered table and chairs. We all know how changeable Britain's fine weather can be, and durable and weatherproof rattan garden furniture is becoming popular and ideal for many people's back gardens. Whether you prefer a picnic or a typical English tea party, it's all possible to create a relaxed and charming outdoor party with the rattan garden furniture set. If you're stuck on how to use it for your garden party, to help inspire you we've put together a garden party ideas guide which gives you some specific tips and tricks on how to use your rattan effect furniture to impress your guests and throw the perfect garden party.

Create different party styles
Often, first impressions are important. This means letting your guests know they are having a fun time from the moment they arrive. You can create different party styles with rattan style garden furniture, for example by using brown and black rattan furniture in your garden and embellishing it with some colorful flowers you can create a bohemian style party. If you want a modern, minimalist garden party, place some aesthetically pleasing candles, tablecloths and napkins on grey rattan garden furniture to accentuate a modern party style. Meanwhile, add dimension to your garden by using fairytale lighting to add ambience after the sun goes down and placing candles on the stairs and rattan effect outdoor furniture. Lighting is a great way to combine function and style, creating a cool and intimate atmosphere in the evening.

Provide a variety of seating options
If you have a spacious garden, you can use different styles of rattan furniture to provide different seating options for your guests. Make sure you have enough table space for all invited guests to dine in comfort. Plenty of seating is essential for a comfortable garden party. No one wants to stand around all day, no matter how much fun they are having. The rattan garden sofa is a great place to catch up on the latest celebrity gossip with friends after dinner. 9 piece rattan outdoor dining set provides ample seating for dining. If no other seating is available, then the 3 piece rattan patio set is a great addition, with its foldable table and chairs that are very easy to move and store. This means your guests have the flexibility to move the seating around and you can quickly put it away after the party is over. Of course, a rug, some footstools and cushioned stools can all be additional seating for your guests to interact with each other.

9 Piece Rattan Outdoor Dining Set

Rearrange furniture position
You can also go a long way towards setting the scene for a more intimate party by moving your rattan effect furniture around to reflect the garden layout. Place your rattan garden sofas and chairs around the coffee table to create an informal, laid-back feel and make your guests feel at home in an unfamiliar but familiar setting. If this is a more formal dinner, you can focus on your rattan table. If you want a freer, more casual event, set them up on the outskirts of the garden, in a quiet corner or on the terrace, leaving an open space for people to hang out in the center. Having open areas is a good idea and will allow you to plan more outdoor party activities or games.

Stack comfortable cushions
One of the most important things to consider when entertaining in the garden is the comfort of you and your guests. This is because only with comfortable seating can people sit and relax better, away from the hustle and bustle of the party and have a quiet chat. Therefore, using a bunch of comfortable cushions is the perfect solution to make any area a comfortable seating area. It's best to choose outdoor fabric cushions for your rattan garden furniture to make them weatherproof. Or just be careful to bring them all indoors in case of rain.

In addition, remember to clean and dump any old water in the garden to avoid mosquito breeding. You can also put some natural mosquito repellent plants in your garden, such as citronella or mint. If you can use your rattan effect furniture in the right way to hold a garden party, you and your guests will have an unforgettable and happy time.

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