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How to Keep Rattan Furniture from Blowing Away?

March 18, 2022 4 min read

One of the best parts of good weather is being able to enjoy the outdoor areas in our homes. As the cold weather of winter turns into milder climates like spring and summer, many people invest a lot of money in outdoor areas to have a comfortable place to socialize and relax. But a constant fear for many people who own rattan garden furniture set is that it will blow away whenever the wind starts to strengthen or a storm is imminent. In the UK, we are used to bad weather. Storms and windy days are common all year round, which is why it is so important to keep your rattan effect furniture safe. Thankfully, there are ways to ensure that you can keep your rattan furniture from being blown away by the wind in bad weather. This article will provide you with some useful tips and tricks. So you can still relax in your garden and on your patio after the effects of a high wind or hurricane.

Add a windbreak
A planted windbreak is a dense group of plants or trees that help block the wind in a given area. During strong winds, some air may still pass through, but will lose most of its strength in the process. This will be enough to keep your rattan garden set safe and add decoration to your outdoor space. Garden windbreaks can be trees, shrubs, rocks, wood or any other type of landscaping material. Of course, depending on the type of landscape you choose, they can all complement your garden or yard, provide a great backdrop for picnics or gatherings, and create privacy for your backyard. Creating a windbreak with natural greenery is stunning both aesthetically and functionally. If you let it grow tall, your planted windbreak can also provide the benefit of shade.

Use sandbags
Using sandbags or weights can definitely prevent your rattan garden table and chairs from being blown away by the wind. In addition, this is another quick and inexpensive option. Tie heavy sandbags to the legs of your furniture for added weight to prevent them from tipping over in strong winds. Sandbags can be small and discreet, as long as it is heavy enough to overwhelm the furniture. If you don't want to put an unsightly bag of sand in your outdoor area, you can use home decor fabrics to cover the sandbags and use them as accent cushions on rattan chairs outdoor. You don't have to use sandbags; any heavy objects can be used as an anchor. You can put a heavy home decor item on the table to keep them from tipping over and being blown away.

Invest in a furniture cover
Covering your rattan furniture greatly reduces the chance of gusts of wind blowing off your chairs and tables by forming a barrier. Furniture covers also protect them from frost, dust and even wildlife. Covering them in the rain, hot sun and when not in use remains beautiful and lasts longer. On windy days, we recommend using a rattan style furniture cover and securing it with bricks or large rocks to keep it from blowing around your garden. Or use elastic cords to connect the joints of the furniture covers for tying or tying to nearby immovable objects, such as posts or tree trunks, which provide excellent security for them.

Cover Rattan Furniture

Use earthquake gel
Another solution for fixing rattan style furniture is to use earthquake gel. Earthquake gel is a clear compound designed to prevent glass from falling out of furniture during an earthquake. You can find earthquake gel at any home store. It is relatively inexpensive and easy to apply. Simply apply the gel to the bottom of your furniture legs and it will prevent your furniture from being blown away by the wind. However, it is worth noting that the gel will make it more difficult for you to move your furniture freely at any time. Therefore, you should not use it if you plan to move your rattan effect furniture around.

Bring it indoors
If none of these solutions seem to work for your rattan garden furniture set, then your best solution is to remove the furniture from the outdoors. You can easily bring it indoors during the windy months. After all, there are many benefits to using rattan furniture indoors, and many people use it to add extra seating and entertaining space to their homes. If you don't need more furniture indoors, you can simply store it in a shed or garage until the weather clears. Storing your furniture indoors will protect them from inclement weather and extend their lifespan.

Bring Rattan Furniture Indoors

When you take these steps, you won't have to worry about your furniture blowing away in a storm. At the same time, these initiatives help reduce maintenance costs, such as repairing, repainting and replacing missing pieces. These also allow your furniture to remain functional and beautiful for years to come, and well protected regardless of the season or weather conditions.

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