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How to Make Your Rattan Sofa Set Goodbye to Pests?

September 24, 2021 7 min read

With the change of human life and concept, the relationship between garden furniture and outdoor space environment is getting closer and closer. Harmony and coordination with the environment have become a common problem in outdoor furniture design. Therefore, the overall concept of environment and furniture has become the focus when people make choices. Therefore, the rattan effect corner sofa is highly praised by consumers for its environmental and natural characteristics. In the summer when every heatwave comes early, a set of rattan tables and chairs will ensure that your courtyard is full of fresh and comfortable feeling. However, it often rains in summer, keep your outdoors moist, and the natural environment is prone to uninvited guests, such as small insects that suddenly come out, dust mites that are invisible to the naked eye, or mice that are scary when you see it. Rattan patio set is an excellent decorative and functional furniture for outdoor patios or porches. Many people do not hesitate to invest because of its woven nature and adding texture to the smooth concrete patio. Of course, people are worried about pests. These rattan cube tables and chairs will be regarded as warm havens, and even the beautiful rattan furniture will be damaged. Although in fact we know that cube rattan furniture on the market now mostly uses high-quality synthetic rattan, so it often has the ability to resist pests, but it is said that prevention is better than confrontation, in order to maintain the quality of rattan outdoor sofa and protect the family, you should take the initiative to do a good job of preventing and destroying insects. Below we will list some measures that can be taken, so that you will never ignore any dead ends, and must not leave any living space for the borers!Rattan Garden Furniture
Overall cleaning protection
1. Regular Cleaning
When your yard always accumulates too much debris and lacks cleanliness, then this will also be a major incentive for breeding insects and ants. So if you want to keep rattan couch outdoor away from pests, you should start with keeping rattan garden furniture clean. If you clean the rattan outdoor furniture correctly, you should be able to remove the most common pests, including termites or beetles. For synthetic rattan outdoor furniture, this work is worry-free, and the cleaning effect of a toothbrush combined with mild detergent is very good. After preparing all the supplies, choose a sunny day and play your favorite music. You will find a few songs time, simple cleanup is complete.

2. Bleach Disinfectant
One preventive method that has been proven to be feasible is to repeatedly wipe with disinfectant or spray slightly diluted bleach on various positions of rattan corner furniture, especially some hidden corners, so as to block it from the beginning. The possibility of various types of snakes, insects, rats and ants hiding in these places.

3. Ventilate
The rattan cube, which can be used across seasons, has excellent weather resistance, but when the humidity in the air is relatively high, it is not impossible that the damp rattan cube set to breed different insects when the moisture cannot be treated for a long time. Therefore, paying attention to moisture-proof furniture is also a necessary long-term measure to prevent insects. On weekdays, you can use a dehumidifier to remove moisture from the rattan cube garden furniture. In addition, buy some desiccant and place it in some damp-prone corners of the rattan garden sofa to keep the furniture as dry as possible. You can also consider painting the rattan garden table and chairs with waterproof paint, which can enhance the beauty and prevent insects and prevent future troubles. The ever-popular powerful vacuum cleaner is also an effective way to remove dust mites in the hidden corners of the cube rattan furniture. However, to kill dust mites on a large scale, you can wash rattan furniture with hot water above 55°C and then dry it in the sun.

Eliminate pests
The rattan effect corner sofa set is woven in rattan with soft details to ensure it blends with any exterior decoration. However, the cracks and crevices between the rattans, if not cleaned often, may provide bugs with a chance to hide and build nests, because it is difficult for predators to find them there. Most other pests leave obvious signs of infestation. If you see spider webs, egg sacs, or unrecognizable stains such as white or brown spots on or around black rattan tables and chairs, it's worth your spirits. Please take steps to remove them before you sit down.

1. Apply paraffin oil
Paraffin oil is a specific component fractionated from petroleum, which has a good control effect on a variety of diseases and insect pests. Just apply paraffin oil to the moth-eaten part of the rattan corner sofa for 10 consecutive days. However, remember that rattan dining furniture must remember not to use pesticides and paraffin oil to avoid unnecessary negative effects on the human body.

2. Place mothballs
As the name suggests, mothballs contain camphor. Mothballs are favored by consumers for their anti-mildew and insect-proof effects. They are definitely an essential and convenient anti-insect product for compact rattan garden furniture. However, when buying, it is best to choose mothballs with natural ingredients. Because some synthetic mothballs contain carcinogens, pets or children in the house should pay special attention to them, so as not to be dangerous if they come into contact with them.

3. Mix water and vinegar
Since the essential oil smells very good, we tend to prefer it to repel the pests of rattan garden corner furniture, but in fact, the combination of water and vinegar is also very useful. Although vinegar has a strong fragrance and taste, it is safe for use by pets and people, but it is also unbearable for spiders and insects. When using, mix 1 part vinegar and 3 parts water in a spray bottle, and then add a little mild detergent. Shake everything and spray it on your rattan patio furniture.

4. Spray insecticide
If pests are found on the rattan garden sofa, you can spray an appropriate amount of insecticide on the surface of the rattan garden furniture with adjustable table or drop a small amount of insecticide directly into the moth-boring holes. Importantly, if you want to improve the effectiveness of pesticides, it is best to put the rattan sofa set sprayed with pesticides in a confined space to facilitate the penetration of the pesticides into the furniture and reduce volatilization. But remember to ventilate the confined space in time after completing the insecticide work.

5. Candles instead of lights
Spiders and many other pests are attracted to light. So if you have patio lights, please consider turning them off when you are not enjoying the rattan couch outdoor. You can also try to switch their color to a warm light that is not attractive to bugs. But what you may not know is that a better way is to use citronella candles instead of bright lights, because spiders and many other insects hate the smell of citronella. So when you are sitting on the rattan outdoor furniture, let the citronella candles burn to help prevent pests from nesting anywhere near the rattan outdoor dining set.

Expel mice
1. Wrapping rattan furniture
The two growing incisors of rats require them to chew constantly to file them flat. The rattan structure of rattan corner furniture is easier to bite than other materials such as metal, and it is not as hard as wood, so it is easy to become the target of rats that have the desire to bite. Moreover, the cracks in the rattan garden chairs that are not clean are likely to be good places for rats to store food. If you live in a state with cold winters, you may not use outdoor rattan sofas all year. At this time, you'd better consider storing outdoor rattan furniture that has not been used for a long time and invests in some weatherproof furniture covers to prevent mice and other small animals from sneaking in. Plastic packaging and fabric covers make it harder for mice to chew, and will double protect your precious rattan chairs and tables.

2. Remove the cushion
Another main reason that rats are attracted to rattan garden furniture corner sofas is that they can provide shelter. They especially like to hide in the cracks in the furniture during cold winter or bad weather to keep them dry and warm. The grey rattan corner sofa set usually uses soft cushions to make the seat more comfortable, but this cushion is a big attraction for rats. For extra protection, they may even bite through the fabric and try to live in the cushions. In order to reduce the chance of them entering your rattan style furniture, please try to remove the cushion from the rattan garden furniture sofa set whenever the rattan chair is not sitting.

3. Use peppermint essential oil
Mice’s sensitivity to smell makes some essential oils intolerable to mice, and peppermint oil is one of them. Spraying with such oil will not harm your rattan patio furniture set or pets, but it will effectively prevent the invasion of rats. If you are looking for a natural way to keep mice away from your corner sofa garden dining set, try using peppermint essential oil as a rodent repellent. First, soak a few cotton balls in peppermint oil. The stronger the smell, the better, but you can dilute it with water if necessary. Then, leave these soaked cotton balls near your black rattan garden sofa. In this way, once the mouse gets close to these cotton balls, it will automatically abandon your rattan cube 4 seater and take a detour.

Affordable rattan furniture looks great in any outdoor space, whether it is a garden or a terrace. Unfortunately, spiders and other small animals seem to like it as much as we do. If rattan outdoor furniture lacks maintenance and cleaning, it will inevitably be destroyed by admirers. Therefore, it is absolutely worth it to spend some time and energy protecting the integrity of your rattan garden corner furniture. Please learn the cleaning methods, use the natural preventive measures shared above to avoid the development of pests and rats, and deal with them in time to maintain the quality of the rattan garden cube for a long time.

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