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How to Pack and Move Your Rattan Outdoor Furniture in the Right Way?

March 04, 2022 3 min read

We really enjoy relaxing with our morning coffee or chatting with friends at a table in the garden or on the patio. Outdoor furniture creates a space where you can comfortably enjoy the natural sights and sounds of your own garden. If you are planning to move and want to bring your favorite rattan outdoor furniture or put it away for the season when it's not in use, you may be wondering what the best way to move and pack it is. Rattan is light and easy to move, but without the proper precautions it can be easy to accidentally hit something sharp or hard. We have some tips to help you. With proper care and handling practices, your rattan furniture sets will last for years, so you will need to invest time and effort in carefully moving them to a new space. Getting all these items ready for the move does require a lot of work. So it helps to know the right way to move and pack them. In this way, you can avoid mistakes that take time and energy, as well as some additional damage.

The Right Way to Pack and Move Rattan Outdoor Furniture

1. Checking
Check your rattan style furniture carefully before moving and packing it. Make sure that there are no dangerous objects hidden in your furniture, including bugs, spiders, wasps or other types of critters. This means that you may be bitten by insects when touching your furniture. To be on the safe side, you should complete the initial rattan style outdoor furniture inspection with thick work gloves on your hands.

2. Cleaning
Rattan style outdoor furniture can easily get stained when exposed to the outdoors for long periods of time. If you plan to clean it before you move out, things will be easier when you move into your new house. You certainly don't want the collected dirt to be transferred to your other belongings in transit or to be carried into your new home. In most cases, wiping them down with disinfectant wipes will be sufficient. If certain items are particularly dirty then you may choose to rinse them with a sufficient amount of water. Also most seats in rattan outdoor furniture sets have cushions, so don't forget to wash them. In addition, make sure they are completely dry before packing.

3. Disassembling
Before packing your rattan furniture you will need to disassemble as much as possible so that you can move it safely and easily. However not all patio furniture can be disassembled, for example foldable rattan garden chairs, as they can be folded for storage and moved as they are. However, larger rattan sofa sets, which often come with glass-topped coffee tables and seat cushions, should be disassembled and packed separately first. This effectively prevents damage and makes the whole piece of furniture easier to move. First, unscrew the fastening elements of this type of sofa separately, and then sort out the sofa parts one by one. In particular, when dismantling the coffee table, the glass elements must first be removed and then packed in a protective cover. Finally remove all the cushions from the seats of your sofa and place them in a clean plastic bag to prevent moisture from entering.

4. Packing
For rattan style furniture that cannot be taken apart, we recommend taking extra precautions and adding as much padding as possible. Wrap the arms and legs of rattan effect furniture in a moving blanket to prevent breaks, scratches and dents. Especially fragile glass tops should be wrapped first in paper, then foam and finally in thick furniture blankets. To avoid injury, make sure you add extra padding around sharp edges and secure all moving parts with tape or string to prevent them from opening during movement. Finally, then place the small fastening elements that have come loose during the disassembly phase in a sealable plastic bag. Remember to pack them separately in labeled bags or boxes to avoid losing them.

5. Moving
Finally, avoid slipping, falling, strain and pain during the movement. Try to avoid stacking them together without proper filling and weight distribution. This is because rattan furniture is light and easy to carry, but it also makes it more easily damaged. Don't stack them at the same time, to prevent them from falling or being crushed during transportation.

We hope this article will help you to start thinking about and planning for moving your rattan effectoutdoor furniture this season. Also, be sure not to rush or skip steps when moving larger or more fragile types. There is nothing worse than moving injuries or broken items when moving.

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