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How to Prevent Electric Patio Heater from Tipping Over?

August 10, 2022 3 min read

Outdoor electric heaters are a great way to keep your garden warm in the early morning, but their top-heavy design can make them a tripping hazard if they are not securely fastened. If your patio heater tips over, it could cause serious damage to the unit and your patio, and have serious consequences for your home, such as a fire that could cause widespread damage. Before you use a freestanding electric patio heater in your outdoor space, you must know how to prevent your patio heater from tipping over.

Place it correctly
Place your outdoor electric patio heater on a flat, solid surface. It can be on decks, patios, concrete, sidewalks and other surfaces. Just make sure it's out of the way so no one trips over it or accidentally knocks it over. Never place your patio heater on grass, mulch or explosive or unstable surfaces. Even on a well-manicured lawn, the surface is still uneven and could cause your patio heater to tip over. Keep it away from low hanging branches, overhangs and other debris that could knock down your patio heater. Remember, because of its design, your electric patio heaters freestanding have a high center of gravity. It can easily fall when struck from the top. Also, position your patio heater away from windows and doors. When your patio heater is located in a low-traffic area, your family and guests will rest easy.

Place Electric Patio Heater Correctly

Increase the weight of its base
The easiest solution to prevent your patio heater from tipping over is to keep the weight of your electric patio heater down. By reducing the weight of your patio heater, you will provide balance to the top-heavy design of most patio heaters and make your heater more stable. You can reduce the weight of your patio heater by: You can secure the heater by placing sandbags or other weights on the base. Although sand adds a modest cost to the project and doesn't look good, and there is a risk of tearing and spilling sand, it can do the job well. It is also usually the safest because it does not require refilling. Whichever option you choose, finding a way to weight the bottom of your patio heater is an effective way to make sure your patio heater doesn't fall over.

Increase the Weight of Electric Patio Heater's Base

Secure it to a stable structure
Another wonderful way to improve the stability of your patio heater is to anchor it to a stable structure. These may include using something like a post or a stone statue. When securing an electric garden heater to a stable structure, make sure you use fireproof ties. A good example of a fireproof tie is an elastic cord. Attaching your patio heater to a stable substance will enhance safety on windy days. Concrete or stone are also best, as they are more fire resistant. Wooden posts are fine if you don't use your patio heater often or for long periods of time. Do not allow patio heaters to touch wooden posts.

Check the weather
Using an electric patio heater is dangerous in certain weather conditions, primarily when there is wind. Avoid using a patio heater if wind speeds are greater than 10 miles per hour. If you use your patio heater in strong wind conditions, it is more likely to tip over, regardless of its weight. Therefore, make sure your patio heater is sheltered during this time. There are several other measures you can implement to improve stability when dealing with your patio heater. Make sure you securely fasten your patio heater or weigh it down. Cover your patio heater when it is not in use. By covering it, you will protect it from damage caused by rain, snow and dust.

Having your electric patio heaters freestanding constantly topple over can be disastrous. Not only are you constantly risking injury to yourself or others, but you can damage the unit with each fall. If you're not careful, you could find a broken patio heater before you figure out how to stop it from tipping over.

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