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How to Protect BBQ Gazebo in Any Environment?

October 26, 2022 4 min read

An outdoor gazebo is essential if you want to enjoy the outdoors in all kinds of weather all year round. Bbq canopy is a great way to provide shelter during outdoor activities. Having said that, bbq outdoor gazebo is not an impregnable fortress. Wind, rain and sloping terrain can all pose structural problems for these temporary shelter solutions. However, with proper set up, extra fixings and a little added weight, you can provide maximum stability for your barbecue tent to better withstand the onslaught of inclement weather.

Choose a ventilated canopy
A ventilated bbq shelter can actually prevent a lot of problems by allowing the wind to pass through. The reason your canopy may blow away is that the wind gets under it and it becomes like a parachute or the sail of a boat. When the wind meets the fabric, there is resistance. It spreads across the surface area giving it lift and sending it up into the air. The ventilated canopy is designed to prevent this by allowing airflow while still blocking the sun and light rain. This means that in the presence of wind, air can be allowed to escape from the interior of the canopy's roof. Canopies that do not have this feature can fill with air during windy days which can cause them to be lifted off the ground.

A Ventilated Bbq Canopy

Set up your gazebo correctly
No bbq gazebo can be adequately secured without first being set up correctly. Improper setup can lead to many structural and safety problems, so it is best to master how your grill gazebo should be set up before you learn how to secure your tent. Most gazebos come with a list of step-by-step instructions that you should follow to ensure that you don't miss out on important details. With that in mind, there are a few basic things you should keep in mind. Be sure to double check any tie-downs or fasteners to make sure they are securely fastened. Often, negligence during the set-up phase is the culprit of gazebo instability, so be sure to pay close attention to each step of the process to avoid headaches later.

Find the right location
When setting up a barbecue shelter, try to find a place that experiences the least amount of wind. Look for areas that are partially shaded by trees or buildings, and pay attention to the direction of the wind. You must also consider the terrain. The ideal location is one where the ground is flat. A grill shelter that’s set up “properly” on uneven terrain is destined to topple. Likewise, a barbecue shelter built on wet ground may suffer damage or topple over completely. Areas of short grass and semi-hard soil are best suited for placement. If concrete or asphalt is all that’s available, make sure to set up your bbq tent clear of any large cracks or potholes.

Place the Barbecue Gazebo in A Sheltered Place

Add anchor 
Anchoring sets are a great way to ensure your grill gazebo is safe and prevent it from being destroyed by strong winds. Anchoring sets have a similar function to ropes and nails, but are more secure because the nails are screwed in, making them harder to pull down from the floor. To securely anchor the gazebo, secure 4 nails to the floor at each corner.

Use storm straps
Another very successful method of securing barbecue shelters is the use of storm straps, also known as polypropylene straps. These straps hold the entire structure in place on the ground even in strong winds. Unfortunately, this method only works with grass or soil surfaces because you need to use nails to secure the straps to the ground. However, if you have a more permanent set up, then the rings can be secured to other surfaces such as wood and concrete floors. These rings can then be used to secure the straps as well. Keep in mind that high winds will still most likely damage your gazebo, no matter how secure it is. It is best to remove them if you expect any storms to come.

Use Storm Straps to Protect Bbq Gazebo

Use weights
If the bbq gazebo is built on concrete, weights are the best way to ensure that the gazebo is protected from the wind, but they can also be used on grass. By adding gazebo weights to the legs and base, you can better secure the gazebo without drilling into the concrete. Round sandbags can also be used to add weight to the gazebo so that it won't be blown away by the wind. Metal weights are another good option because they can be placed flat on the ground against the foot of the gazebo. Many cast iron gazebo counterweights have a small hole at one end that allows you to slide them onto your feet. If you are unable to secure the gazebo to the ground, use gazebo weights to hold it in place. Popular gazebo weights also include sandbags, cast iron and fillable plastic weights. Depending on the prevailing weather conditions and the overall weight available for the gazebo, you can choose from these.

Use Weights to Protect Bbq Gazebo

These are just a few of the effective ways to protect your bbq outdoor gazebo from all kinds of weather. Hopefully, you will find a method that works for you. By fixing it the right way, you will be able to make your gazebo last for many years. Of course, if the weather is too harsh, it is best to take it down to prevent any kind of damage.

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