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How to Protect the Feet of Your Rattan Furniture?

December 16, 2021 4 min read

With more and more fashionable trends leading the changes of home life, people began to throw away cumbersome and unhealthy home decoration methods, and instead advocated natural and simple household products. Simple and elegant rattan furniture has become the new favorite of this trend. Compared with wooden furniture and metal furniture, it is loved by many consumers for its combination of rural chic and modern minimalist style. You don't have to look far to see it perfectly integrated into indoor and outdoor places all over the UK. Although furniture made of rattan is becoming increasingly popular, many people's incorrect maintenance methods have led to its lifespan being significantly shortened. Among them, the feet protection of furniture woven with rattan is the most easily overlooked. If you would like to learn more about protecting the feet of this furniture, I hope you will benefit from the following article.

Is it necessary to protect its feet?
If you are wondering whether it is necessary to protect the feet of your rattan style furniture, then I will tell you that it is necessary without hesitation. Many people do not take it seriously, but if its feet are damaged, it will not only affect the comfort of the furniture itself, but also cause some damage to your grass or floor. The feet of furniture are often in direct contact with the ground, which is a vulnerable target of mold, decay and pests, which can easily cause the furniture to split or be damaged, and even the sharp feet will scratch your ground and grass at the same time. In addition, different materials and types of furniture woven with rattan are affected differently in different locations. Taking the feet of your rattan furniture set seriously will allow you to enjoy more of your leisure time using that furniture.

Where is it placed on?
Different families will put them in different places according to their needs and hobbies. Most people will put it in outdoor gardens and patios, while others will put it indoors. If your furniture is made of natural rattan and placed on the grass in the garden, you need to pay special attention. The natural rattan frame will absorb any moisture in the lawn, which will lead to mildew and, in the worst case, the frame will split. For outdoor furniture made of synthetic rattan, it is more suitable to be placed in the garden than natural rattan, and its moisture resistance will be better and it will suffer less damage. Although most rattan furniture will provide some protective measures for feet, some rubber covers of feet may be worn or loose after long-term use. If you don't find and replace it in time, the furniture frame will be directly exposed by the material of tubular steel frame, which will eventually lead to rust.

Rattan Furniture on The Garden

If furniture sets are placed on balconies or similar hard stone surfaces, the fibers around the feet may be easily worn off without protection. At the same time, once the metal of the rattan style furniture frame is exposed, they can scrape off the indoor wood board, artificial wood and even the concrete cover. Even if your patio has carpets, they are easily pulled and torn. On the other hand, if you plan to use this kind of furniture indoors, you need to ensure that the room is always ventilated. This will avoid any expansion or cracks in the furniture.

What should you do to protect its feet?
1. Lift your furniture. When moving your rattan outdoor furniture, do not push or drag any furniture, as most of the damage and scratches come from them. Especially on the hard stone surface, because this will eventually wear out the feet and eventually cause them to shake. If you don't have enough strength and can't get any help anyway, you can use a soft blanket or towel. Just slide the furniture onto a blanket or towel and drag it to where you need it. But never make the mistake of pushing and procrastinating.

2. Check regularly and replace it in time. It is often difficult for us to notice the abrasion of the feet of furniture or the falling off of rubber plugs, so we need to check it regularly and specially. If it is found that it falls off, please change the materials in time. This kind of furniture feet protector has a variety of materials, including rubber and hard plastic, tips covered with felt and tips not covered with felt. For rattan chairs that will be placed on indoor carpets, you can choose a slip-on rubber sleeve chair cover with caster accessories. If you use your rattan sofa or dining table and chair on the tile, concrete or stone of hardwood floor or patio, please choose full rubber chair feet protector with thick bottom.

3. Consider carpet. Carpets can add protection to the feet of our furniture. Using carpet outdoors not only reduces the wear and tear caused by the ground on the feet of the furniture, but also protects the grass in the garden by increasing the area it is subjected to. It also improves the overall appearance of the garden. You can also mix and match different colors of carpet to create a different style for your house.

This is effective information about protecting the feet of rattan furniture. Remember to take action if you feel you would benefit from it!

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