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How to Repair Rattan Furniture in a Few Easy Steps?

July 21, 2021 3 min read

Generally speaking, quality rattan garden furniture is made of synthetic rattan. This material has a wonderful advantage, that is, it is durable and does not require laborious maintenance. However, as the use time goes, it is understandable that there are small defects in the rattan furniture set that need to be repaired. But this is not a big problem that you need to worry about, because we have sorted out a few common problems that may occur in rattan outdoor furniture for you below, and also listed a simple guide for you to help your rattan garden furniture quickly restores its original tip-top condition.

Rattan Sofa Set

Sagging Seats
The rattan sofa set is very suitable for greeting guests. When the number of times increases, the long-term accumulation of pressure on people sitting on the rattan garden chair may cause the seat to sag.

  • If your rattan sofa set has a slight sagging seat, you can try to wipe the seat with warm water and let it dry fully for 24 hours. Then you can find that the strands of the rattan garden sofa have been shrunk back to their original shape.
  • Regular use of plant mister to evenly spray each rattan garden chair will help keep its strand stay taut.
  • Excessive sagging of seats requires you to add more cushions to your rattan outdoor furniture set to balance the seat weight distribution of rattan garden chairs and thus reduce the pressure on the rattan. However, most furniture manufacturers also take this into consideration and design rattan garden furniture comes with cushions, so this situation is not common.
Loose Strands
If you notice some split or broken ends on your rattan garden chair, rattan dining furniture, or rattan sofa set. Then you should attempt to fix it before it starts to unravel and cause a much bigger problem. However, synthetic rattan is very strong and elastic, so the strands on high-end synthetic rattan garden furniture will not break easily or frequently.
  • Cut off the old loose strands on the rattan effect furniture for better operation
  • Measure the length of the new rattan you need, and then soak it in water to soften it and 45-60 minutes will be a suitable time.
  • After simply cleaning your rattan outdoor furniture, you can start weaving the new rattan on the damaged part. Small sculpting tools like fine-nosed pliers may be helpful.
  • After weaving, take a small amount of super glue to bond the covered part of the new rattan with the old rattan of the rattan garden chairs, and then let it stand for a day or two and wait for the adhesive to dry and harden.
Scratches & Marks
After long-term use of rattan style garden furniture, it is also possible that there will be some wear and tear during some outdoor parties or gatherings, especially if you have children or pets. But this is not a big deal, because it is easy to repair.
  • Similarly, the first step is to clean your rattan garden tables and chairs and remove dust on the surface.
  • Apply a hairdryer to gently heat your rattan furniture set to help soften the weaves of the worn parts.
  • Use sandpaper to polish the rattan until it is bright again. Moreover, it is best to add a varnish coating so as to provide your rattan style furniture stronger protection.
Wobbly Chair Legs
Most of this condition is occurs with the reason that your garden floorboard is uneven or the rattan outdoor furniture is not placed properly. At this time, you only need to lay down some materials to adjust the surface of the floor to even it out. But of course, it is not ruled out that damage to the rattan furniture set will cause the chair legs to shake a little.
  • Place the rattan furniture set on the ground and make sure that each leg touches the floor to identify the problematic leg.
  • After confirming, hold this leg and lift the rattan furniture, then put a lot of pressure on it and drop this leg heavily. Repeat this step until the rattan garden chair to be fixed.
Rattan Garden Chair
    By using the right tools and techniques to follow these simple methods, no matter what kind of small problems your rattan garden set has, it must also be nothing to you. Because I believe you can easily repair it and let your rattan style furniture sparkles again.

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