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How to Separate the Rattan Modular Sofa to Arrange Your Living Space?

March 04, 2022 3 min read

Rattan style furniture has a classic appearance, which is very suitable for outdoor and indoor use because of its durability and firmness. In the past decade or so, rattan modular sofas have become more and more popular. Contrary to the upright armchair or the more classic and formal rattan sofa style, the modular design allows you to relax completely and recline in a horizontal position. The modular part aims to reconfigure, rearrange and move. Typically, the individual sections of the modular section have the same height backrest and armrests, as well as a footstool as high as the seat, which allows them to be moved around and still fit together perfectly. As multifunctional furniture, you can use them to make the space more available or easier to navigate, or simply make the room completely new. If you have comfortable modular sofas in your home and you want to rearrange the space and use them alone, you can follow the following tips to create a comfortable and warm living space for you.

The method of separating it
Start by removing the sofa cushions. If they are in your way, it may be difficult to separate them. These cushions may also cover the handles that you need to hold on to in order to separate the parts. In order to reach the handles, the cushions need to be removed. Then find the corners where the parts of the rattan style sofa are connected. The focal point of the modular sofa is the square corner that connects them. Grasp the removable clips of the corner sections and remove the clips to separate them. Finally remove the clips from the other parts in turn. Most modular rattan furniture has only three pieces - the corners and two attachments. However, on some larger sofas, the seating section is also divided into several parts. Some sofas are fixed together with bolts and screws, so you can use a screwdriver or wrench to remove these parts.

Rattan Modular Garden Sofa Set

Different ways to use it separately
Here's how to use modular rattan furniture individually in different ways to give your space a new look and more spaciousness.

1. Place rattan style modular sofa across the table: If you have a rattan modular garden sofa sets with only two pieces, one large piece and a slightly smaller combination in one corner, you may consider placing them opposite each other to create a comfortable look as well as to encourage conversation. You can place a coffee table between the sections. It can be used as an area to place drinks. Make sure the table you will be using is the right size and leaves room on both sides for you to pass.

2. Place modular pieces in separate areas: If your space is not enough to accommodate individual modular sofa pieces close to each other, they can work together, or you can choose to place them in different areas of the garden or room. For example, you can use sections to create two different areas in space. The larger piece can be placed in the main part of the room, where it will be used as a lot of seats. Then, you can put the smaller piece in a quiet corner and use it to read.

3. Mix and match different types of modular sofas: If you have two or more rattan modular outdoor sofa with different colors and designs in your home, you can also mix and match them to create a new atmosphere for your space. It will add comfort and make the sofa more functional. Besides, it will add some surprises to your space.

4. Place its corner or recliner at an angle to the other part of the sofa: You can also your corner or recliner on the diagonal of the straight part of the rattan sofa. Tilt it to the middle of the room and the other part of the sofa, the coffee table and the focal point of the room will be visible from the chair. It can be the corner on the same side of the room or on the other side of the room, depending on how much other furniture is in the room. If you have two straight sections opposite each other, try using a corner or open end chaise lounge to enclose a U-shaped seating area.

These are some of the best tips and ideas we can provide on how to use the modular rattan style furniture separately. All these ideas will definitely bring fresh appearance and more spacious feeling to your living space.

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