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How to Stop Condensation under Patio Furniture Covers?

February 17, 2023 4 min read

potential forms of damage and to keep your patio furniture in good condition for longer. Patio furniture covers are designed to protect furniture from water damage, but condensation can still be a problem. Condensation under a patio furniture cover can damage your patio furniture. If you don't notice it in time, the damage could be severe. You can't leave your patio furniture unprotected, but there are steps you can take to minimize the risk of condensation. We will discuss how condensation occurs and what steps you can take to prevent it becoming a problem with your outdoor furniture.

What are the causes of condensation under furniture covers?
When moisture-laden air comes into contact with a sufficiently cool surface, or the air temperature drops, the water vapor condenses and settles on cool surfaces as droplets of liquid water. Particularly in humid conditions, condensation may occur at night, causing water droplets to form on the upper exposed surface of the patio furniture cover. If the cover is permeable, condensation will penetrate through the covering material. Moisture passing through the cover can cause dampness underneath the cover. This can lead to water damage directly on the furniture or the now damp environment under the furniture cover can promote the growth of mold or mildew.

If drinks are spilled on rattan patio furniture or if the cover is washed but not completely dry when it is fitted, the trapped air under the cover can fill with moisture. When the cover and patio furniture cool down at night, the moist air under the cover can cause condensation to form on the inside of the cover or even directly on the furniture. Condensation can again cause water damage problems on furniture, but of greater concern is the formation of mold and mildew.

the Causes of Condensation Under Patio Furniture Covers

Ways to reduce condensation under furniture covers:
To solve or even avoid this problem, there are other strategies you can use to minimize condensation or protect your furniture from damage.

Protect Furniture from Condensation with Furniture Cover

Size the furniture cover correctly
Correct sizing of patio furniture covers for each piece of furniture is an important factor in helping to prevent condensation problems under the cover. Furniture covers that are too loose will cause the cover to crease. These folds can trap a small piece of moisture-filled air. Under the right conditions, this air can cause condensation under the cover. It can lead to water damage or mold in that area. A cover that is too large will form creases where it shouldn't be and will sag in certain places. This can lead to ideal areas for water to collect and, as not all materials are 100% waterproof, moisture can eventually leak onto your furniture. A cover that is too long tends to accumulate dust and moisture on the underside of your furniture. As this moisture evaporates, it is more likely to become trapped under the cover, leading to problems such as mold.

Use silica gel packs under furniture covers
Reducing the humidity of the air underneath outdoor patio furniture covers is an important aspect of minimizing under-cover condensation. One unorthodox method of achieving this is the use of silica gel packs. Silicone, or more precisely silica dry gel, is a substance that has an affinity for water molecules and absorbs moisture from the air. Silicone packs are often used in packaging to protect moisture-sensitive items. They are often found inside medicine bottles to protect medication from moisture, inside food packaging and even in the shoe boxes you buy when you buy new shoes. These moisture-absorbing silica gel packs can be used under your patio furniture covers to provide additional protection against condensation underneath the covers. Place 3 or 4 silica gel packs under the cover of each piece of patio furniture. Ensure that the silicone pack does not come into direct contact with the cover. If the pack comes into direct contact with the cover it will absorb water from the outside of the cover during heavy rain or rainy seasons, becoming soaked and transferring water to your furniture.

Apply a weatherproof coating to the furniture
We already know about ways to protect the cushions and fabric components of patio furniture from condensation under the covers, but it is also important to protect the structural parts of the furniture. The patio furniture that is most susceptible to moisture damage is natural rattan furniture or wooden patio furniture. Rattan and wooden furniture can benefit from a proper sealing treatment to protect them from the weather and increase water resistance. This will help these natural materials to drain moisture from condensation rather than absorb it.

Remove foam or fabric items from furniture
Another way to reduce humidity and prevent condensation under garden furniture covers. Foam and fabric cushions absorb moisture and can lead to condensation under furniture covers. Removing the cushions from the furniture before covering it can help reduce condensation. The cushions can be stored indoors in a wardrobe or stored outside in a suitable container to protect them from the weather. This storage container can be a wooden box or similar container, and when not being used to store cushions they can form part of your patio furniture décor. Although this particular method may be a little inconvenient as you will have to remove the cushions from the storage container before using the furniture, it can be effective in protecting the furniture.

Condensation under furniture covers can cause premature deterioration or damage to outdoor furniture. It is also good to know how to prevent pooling water on patio furniture covers. Fortunately, many of these measures are both simple and economical to implement, making protecting your patio furniture from condensation a relatively simple matter.


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