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How to Use Your Electric Patio Heater Safely?

June 28, 2022 3 min read

Electric patio heaters extend the life of your outdoor gatherings, keeping you comfortable in cool weather and providing ambiance and warmth on cold days or nights for endless backyard enjoyment. In order to make the most of your patio heater, it's important to know how to use it safely. If used improperly, many accidents can still occur, even due to minor malfunctions or negligence. Such unpleasant incidents do not want to happen during your fun-filled and enjoyable activities. Therefore, here are safety tips for using outdoor electric heaters at home.

Choose the right location
Outdoor electric patio heaters are not designed to radiate high temperatures over long distances. Instead, they heat nearby objects and people. If your heater is too close to certain materials, it can quickly become a fire hazard. It's best to keep patio heaters away from flammable materials such as flower pots, potted plants, tree branches, hanging vines, and propane tanks used for grills or lighter fluid. Always keep these items at least three feet away from the heater. About three feet of space is a good general guideline. However, each patio heater will be different. Larger patio heaters with more BTUs will require more clearance, while smaller ones will require less clearance. Wherever you plan to place your heat source, be sure to check the owner's manual and follow any manufacturer's recommendations.

Place Electric Patio Heater in the Right Location

Away from children and pets
Adults with children should set safety rules and restrictions on the area around the freestanding electric patio heater that children and pets can pass through. A patio heater can get hot quickly and can easily cause burns if touched. Children should not be allowed to touch the patio heater or fire source, including turning it on or off or moving it. Be sure to keep your heat source in a safe place where your children and pets can play or run without accidentally knocking it over or touching it. So, before using your patio heater for the first time, carefully explain the risks and discuss some rules for never leaving a patio heater or fire source running when your children and pets are unattended nearby.

Keep the heater stable
Electric patio heaters freestanding have a high structure, so they can disperse heat to a significant area. However, this can also make them top-heavy and expose them to the risk of tilting and tipping. Even if the heater is turned off, residual heat from the reflector or tube can become a fire hazard if exposed to flammable materials. Therefore, you should only use your patio heater on a flat, level surface. Placing the heater on a slope may cause it to roll or tip over, creating a fire and burn hazard. While your patio heater has an anti-tip feature and a stable base, it is always a good idea to take extra precautions and use stabilizer fixtures and supports such as weights, fireproof fasteners or sandbags.

Keep the Electric Patio Heater Stable

Follow the manufacturer's instructions
One of the easiest patio heater safety tips is to follow the manufacturer's guidelines. Each outdoor electric heater has unique general safety and maintenance tips to follow. Review all the information that comes with your heater and always follow your patio heater manufacturer's care and maintenance instructions to make sure you get the most out of your unit. Patio heaters are rugged and built to last. If your heater is not working properly, is damaged, or is missing parts, contact the manufacturer and they will help you find an authorized technician to properly evaluate and resolve the problem. During regular maintenance, make sure all components are working properly, especially the indicator lights, emitters and reflectors.

Electric garden heaters are the perfect addition to your outdoor entertaining area, allowing you to host family and friends year-round. But to keep your patio heater running properly and safely, follow these simple safety guidelines and maintenance tips.

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