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How to Winter-Proof Your Rattan Style Furniture Set?

July 29, 2021 5 min read

For family lovers, the garden is an extension of an indoor home to outdoor life. It is not only a private oasis where you can temporarily escape from daily chores but also a warm place to entertain and relax with friends and family. If you have a perfect set of rattan style furniture, then you will definitely be amazed by their bright colors, amazing flexibility, and long-lasting durability. From traditional round rattan style weaving to modern plain weaving, from elegant black, classic brown, to simple gray, rattan sofa sets have different colors and textures for you to choose to enhance the beauty and charm of your garden. The tough and changeable rattan effect sofa can not only set off your outdoor space but also provide you with the ultimate comfort. In short, rattan outdoor furniture is very suitable for your outdoor area, no matter the weather is changeable or stable, you can enjoy the sun in the morning, sit at the rattan table and read a classic book, or sit in the comfortable rattan garden sofa set for a cup of tea in the afternoon. Rattan garden furniture set will make you more dependent on your garden and reluctant to leave.

High-quality rattan garden furniture set is usually made of synthetic rattan. This material is lighter, stronger, and easier to maintain than natural rattan, and is suitable for various shapes and patterns. Not only that, but it can also help rattan garden tables and chairs to resist various outdoor changes of wind or rain and provide UV protection, making itself an ideal choice for resisting outdoor weather. Moreover, this also makes rattan furniture also considered practical, which can be safely used throughout the year. If well maintained, the rattan garden chair can be used for 5-10 years and if gets meticulous and special care, it can even last longer. After a long summer vacation, the exquisite rattan style garden furniture may provide a perfect presentation in your many garden parties or outdoor dining. Then as the summer ends and the winter comes, the usage frequency of your rattan furniture set will probably be reduced accordingly. At this time, it is better to use your spare time to do some simple things to add extra protection to your rattan corner sofa in winter, so that it will be fully prepared for the next full use. Below we have attached a few tips for better protecting your rattan style furniture set in the winter. We hope to help each of your rattan outdoor furniture set to remain in perfect condition when spring comes.

1 # Cleaning and Maintenance
Before the winter cold really starts to invade, you should go outdoors to clean and maintain the rattan garden furniture. But the good news you can get is that because you have wisely chosen rattan furniture, this will be a quick and easy process, and it will not require a lot of money to prepare tools. You may find that other types of furniture need to buy very expensive protective oils and other preservatives, but rattan outdoor sofas are weatherproof. The biggest advantage of its material PE rattan is that it can withstand outdoor factors, and it is usually applied aluminum-coating frames, making the rattan corner sofa less affected by outdoor weather than natural rattan. Therefore, in this step, all you need to prepare is a moistened soft washcloth to remove dust and stains in the cracks of the rattan sofa set, and a brush to coat your rattan furniture set with varnish and wax to provide sufficient moisture as well as to better prevent rain and frost in winter, and coating protection is used to enhance the ability of your rattan style furniture to resist natural disasters and prevent your rattan effect furniture set from degrading in the end.

Weatherproof Covers
2 # Weatherproof Covers
Although synthetic rattan furniture set has the durability that can withstand bad weather and is a must-have for outdoor spaces, if you want to add an extra layer of protection to rattan garden chairs or make rattan sofas to completely avoid any hassle of cleaning, then a set weatherproof cover will be the answer to your troubles. It not only protects your rattan style outdoor furniture from violent storms, but also helps to keep the rattan effect furniture clean in winter from pollution such as stains, leaves, bird droppings, and even snow and frost. In addition, the attachment of a weatherproof cover is also very convenient and easy to understand, and there is not much difficulty for anyone in operation.
  • First, remove all the seat cushions from the rattan style sofa and properly bring them indoors or store them in a cushion box to ensure that they will not become very uncomfortable next time due to dampness or mildew.
  • Then re-arrange your rattan outdoor furniture sets as needed to ensure that they are arranged compactly and that the weatherproof cover fits properly with the rattan garden sofa without any leaks.
  • Finally, pass the drawstring outside the weatherproof cover through the eyelets in the corners of the cover and tighten the cover to check that it has been firmly secured to the outside of all rattan furniture sets and make sure it will not be blown away.

Although we are confident that rattan furniture can be used without any impact in the cold months, it is a good idea to invest in a weatherproof cover for rattan tables and chairs for comprehensive protection. It makes you spend less time and effort on maintenance, while your rattan corner furniture can still be as perfect as new when spring comes.Rattan Modular Furniture Set
3 # Indoor Storage
Of course, the most thorough and safest method of protection is to store your rattan garden furniture in a dry indoor area, such as a garage or shed, so that it can be completely prevented from being exposed to the harsh winter weather and without fear that rattan sofas may fall into the risk of mold due to the accumulation of humidity. If your home is relatively small and there is not much effective indoor storage space, then you should take this into consideration when buying rattan furniture, and choose a more space-saving rattan furniture like rattan modular corner sofa, which can be lighter in weight and minimize space occupation through flexible stacking of various components. And the rattan modular furniture set also has a variety of colors to choose from to match your current rattan dining set or rattan sofa set.

The above are some of our suggestions of how to winter-proof your rattan style furniture set. I hope this can completely eliminate your worries about placing rattan sofas outdoors in severe winter weather. I also believe that with the help of this article, your rattan effect furniture can often be protected beyond its guarantee. Then take action immediately and use a little simple and effortless maintenance to ensure that your rattan garden furniture will still be a popular decoration in your garden for many years to come and the rattan style corner sofa set will continue to maintain a heavenly position on your outdoor area for your afternoon leisure and outdoor relaxation to provide enjoyment every year in the future.

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