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Is Your Rattan Furniture Good Quality?

August 27, 2021 5 min read

Rattan Modular Sofa

When the outdoors is shining, it's time to introduce some rattan furniture and make full use of them to set up a chic summer outdoor scene for your garden. I believe there is nothing better or more beautiful than it. Rattan style furniture keeps up with the changing trends of the furniture industry. Not only is the appearance of classical materials sustainable, but the natural-toned rattan brings a casual atmosphere to the outdoor furniture, and brings a pastoral style to your backyard, giving people a soft and organic feeling, but also the shape of rattan effect furniture set is also adjusted appropriately in the way of rattan weaving, which also maintains the fashionable and popular style of rattan outdoor furniture, and further enhances the unique quality you expect, enough to adapt to a variety of different outdoor environments or landscape theme without appearing unfamiliar or prominent. In addition, after special processing, your rattan garden furniture has also realized the function of anti-ultraviolet rays. It will not fade in the sun, allowing you to fully enjoy it in summer after summer without worrying about its look of being affected by strong sunlight. However, it is still one thing worth mentioning that this protection function can not only be applied to sunny days. The excellent weather resistance of the rattan effect garden sofa gives it the same durability in other outdoor weather such as rainy, snowy or windy days. Therefore, you can safely put the multi-purpose rattan garden furniture set in your own backyard and use it all year round.

As we said before, outdoor rattan furniture has many surprising advantages to convince people to choose it, which is why you can always notice that it has always been ranked first in the outdoor and garden furniture market. Its popularity has never been replaced by other furniture. It is true that rattan outdoor sets are generally economical but can also have excellent quality. When you go to the market to buy it, you will find that although it is cheaper than furniture made of other material like natural wood, so that you will use less money when buying it, it still has a longer lifespan than those expensive natural wooden furniture while alto maintains multiple functions at the same time. However, just as some wooden furniture may be made of cheap and poorly structured particleboard and cannot be used for a long time, rattan furniture may also be used by unscrupulous merchants to cut corners and secretly use inferior rattan to replace high-quality synthetic PE rattan when making rattan furniture for lower costs. So you may buy cheap but poorly structured and inferior rattan effect garden tables and chairs. In view of this, a wise approach is to be a discerning customer to carefully test the quality of all aspects of rattan furniture before making a purchase decision. If you are not sure about the specific method, please read this article, I will teach you to understand the construction method of rattan style furniture itself, and provide you with several reference selection techniques to ensure that you get durable and satisfactory outdoor rattan furniture set.

- 1 - Choose the right material
Undoubtedly, no matter what item you are buying, the most important thing is to choose the right material if you want to ensure high quality. Many people have a fanatical love for natural rattan because it can create a warm atmosphere with its natural look. Indeed, it is difficult for anyone to refuse the elegant charm of rattan furniture, and the woven rattan tables and chairs are sturdy and tough enough to be used at home for a long time, so natural rattan style furniture sets are very suitable to be placed in various locations in the home. But if your rattan modular sofa is intended to be used in outdoor areas like the backyard or garden, it is best to choose a high-quality rattan sofa made of PE synthetic rattan. Because only these materials are completely weatherproof and therefore ensure that your rattan outdoor sofa can be safely placed outside without being damaged. In addition, in synthetic rattan garden furniture, attention should be paid to avoid using PVC or PU, which are not weather-resistant synthetic rattans, to prevent your rattan effect outdoor set from the risk of rattan cracking or brittleness.

- 2 - Evaluation of rattan weaving
As I introduced, high-quality rattan furniture has the characteristics of durability, which is elastic and strong. In other words, even after frequent use, the rattan style sofa set should always be able to maintain its shape under pressure without losing tension and causing the rattan to sag. You can judge by observing the weaving of the rattan at the time of purchase. Remember that the tighter the weave of the rattan, the more durable it is. Once it is found that rattan furniture is loosely woven, it means that it is likely to unfortunately collapse over time and turn into a disappointing furniture experience. If you feel that it is not obvious to find by the naked eye, you can also use furniture to test it directly like at home if permitted, that is, sit on it yourself or even slightly shake it to feel its firmness.

- 3 - Test the tension of the rattan
Although the previous point mentioned that the rattan style furniture set is always dense in order to ensure its robustness, but this does not mean sacrificing the tensile force of the rattan, which is the key factor to effectively improving your comfort and experience when using rattan furniture. The same as the method of testing the sturdiness, if you want to know whether the pulling force of the rattan effect table and chair you choose can achieve your satisfaction, the best way is of course to directly press it with your hands to feel it, or simply sit on it to see if it will make you deeply immersed in it and get the total relaxation you want.

- 4 - Consider the furniture frame
Finally, few people pay attention to the frame of rattan outdoor furniture when buying. However, this is actually very important, because it determines whether your rattan effect corner sofa is strong and can withstand outdoor weather. To ensure that the frame you buy will not rust or corrode after being exposed to wind and rain outdoors, the most important consideration is to choose those rattan outdoor tables and chairs with powder-coated metal frames.The frame of this material is lightweight, strong, and resistant to corrosion, thus has a longer service life than cheaper steel alternative frames. It is especially suitable for your ideal rattan furniture.

Although all rattan garden furniture has a large number of praiseworthy ideal qualities, there are also inferior products on the market. I believe that all garden owners, including you, don't want to spend your hard-earned savings to buy inferior rattan furniture and then when you are happy to be ready to enjoy it in the courtyard, but are disappointed to find that the product is not as perfect as you have thought and thus lost the fun of using it. Therefore, it is necessary to understand some basic selection tips to choose a rattan style garden set. This is also the original intention of writing this article. I sincerely hope that you can apply these suggestions after reading it, and immediately find your satisfied rattan modular furniture set, and let yourself be able to release yourself and relax on the rattan sofa after your busy daily life and work, away from all worries and stress.

Rattan Garden Sofa

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