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Propane VS Natural Gas Rattan Fire Pit Table

July 05, 2023 4 min read

Rattan fire pit tables are becoming a necessity for many homeowners in the country. If we talk about gas fire pit tables, the first thing that comes to mind is probably related to fuel. Propane and natural gas are two popular fire pit table fuels, but what's the difference between natural gas and propane? Is this one better than that one? What are the advantages of each fuel? Are there any significant disadvantages to propane or natural gas? Help you determine which fuel source is best for your lifestyle by learning about propane vs. natural gas fire pit tables.

What is a propane rattan fire pit table?
Propane rattan tables with fire pit use cheap, available propane as fuel. Propane is refined natural gas. Because it is refined, it burns hotter and actually produces twice as much heat as an equivalent amount of natural gas. Propane is liquefied and stored in tanks that are easy to store and transport. Many people like their portability because they are not connected to the gas line in your home. This means that you can quickly change their location at any time. Whether it's the cleanliness, convenience or a modern look, there's no denying that propane fire pit tables have become a popular choice for outdoor parties and events.

Propane Rattan Fire Pit Table

Its advantages:

  • No need to deal with ashes and smoke: With a propane fire pit table, there's no need to collect firewood or tend to the flames. Instead, the flames can be easily controlled by flipping a switch or turning a knob. This gives you instant warmth and ambiance without any hassle.
  • Easy installation process: For propane rattan furniture with fire pit, the installation process requires little to no labor. Position the propane tank directly under the table! Plus, you'll ultimately control the amount of propane used and the size of the flame is adjustable.
  • It's an environmentally friendly option: Propane fire pit tables are known to emit fewer pollutants and do not contribute to deforestation. In addition, they can be used in areas where wood fires are prohibited. This makes them a versatile and convenient option if you like to host outdoor parties!
  • Safety: Propane fire pit tables are considered safer than wood-burning fire pit tables because you don't have to deal with flying sparks or embers. These things can be a major cause of fires.
  • Save money: Buying a propane rattan dining set with fire pit is relatively inexpensive. Propane is cheap, and because propane fire pits are not permanent or attached installations, they are cheaper to build or install than natural gas fire pits.
  • Portability: Because propane fire pit tables can be used in many different environments, many people appreciate their flexibility. Many people like their portability because they are not connected to the gas line in your home. This means that you can quickly change their location at any time.
  • Great heat: Propane is more efficient than natural gas, burning at 2,500 BTU for the same volume compared to 1,000-1,500 BTU for natural gas.

What is a natural gas rattan fire pit table?
Natural gas is primarily composed of methane, but also contains propane, butane and small amounts of other gases. Natural gas fire pit tables deliver natural gas through a pipeline to power the fire pit. With a dedicated natural gas line, you don't have to worry about refilling or replacing your gas storage tank. You will always have plenty of natural gas to fuel your fire. A natural gas rattan table with fire pit is a permanent structure that can be a great place to entertain and relax.

Natural Gas Rattan Fire Pit Table

Its advantages:

  • Permanent fixtures: If you want something more permanent, a natural gas fire pit table is a good choice. This will involve installing a permanent gas line. Therefore, you will need to hire a professional to install the piping and connect the fire pit table if there is not already a gas line.
  • An unlimited supply of natural gas: Although the installation cost may be high, it can pay off in the long run as you will actually have a constant supply of natural gas.
  • Simple controls: Natural gas rattan garden furniture with fire pits is usually easy to use because they have a simple push-button ignition or a knob to control the flame. You can easily and quickly turn the flame on or off.
  • Environmentally friendly: Natural gas is significantly more environmentally friendly than propane. Because it is cleaner, burning it produces far fewer toxic emissions. Natural gas also contains relatively small amounts of CO2 and CO.
  • Cost-effective choice: Natural gas fire pit tables have a higher upfront cost due to their installation, but are more cost effective in the long run. Natural gas is typically cheaper than wood and does not require the ongoing cost of purchasing a fire starter or firewood.

Which is better?
Before choosing which rattan fire pit table to install, it is crucial to understand the advantages of both propane and natural gas fire pit tables. Both flame sources have pros and cons, so the decision ultimately depends on your preference. For permanent installations and built-in outdoor seating areas, professionally installed natural gas fire features are the ideal choice. Conversely, if portability is critical or professional installation is not feasible, then a propane fire pit table will be a better fit. Choose the one that's right for you so you can easily create the inviting and intimate outdoor experience of your dreams to enjoy year-round that matches your lifestyle and preference.

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