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What are Some Common Mistakes in Arranging Rattan Patio Furniture?

March 04, 2022 3 min read

With a patio or garden, every design decision has a huge impact on the appearance and use of the space. At the same time, your freely organized outdoor patio or garden reflects your own aesthetic tastes. Therefore, you will definitely want to choose to utilize every inch of functionality and create a harmonious, welcoming area. Usually, the use of outdoor space may vary according to your own needs. You may buy high-quality, good-looking rattan patio furniture to beautify your patio, but if it is not organized properly, it can also spoil the aesthetic appeal of your outdoor space. Therefore, in order to avoid such mistakes and arrange your rattan outdoor furniture effectively, you must first understand what mistakes can be made during the arrangement of this type of furniture. These common outdoor arrange mistakes will help you to understand what to look for when planning your space. By following these mistake tips, you can ensure that you create a beautiful and comfortable outdoor space.

Harmonious Rattan Furniture Set

Mistake 1: Improper color matching
When the color used does not match or complement the outdoor design, the color design error will occur. Some people may like to create a colorful style, but when you add too many colors, your outdoor living space looks like a hodgepodge. Your courtyard should include a style that resonates with your rattan patio furniture set. Most rattan outdoor furniture is usually black, white, dark brown or gray. Let this neutral tone be matched with some colored pillows and cushions. Be aware that using too many colors may be a bit loud. But if you choose a color that can coordinate with each other, the effect will become lively. If you like green plants, you can add some green accessories inside and around the furniture.

Mistake 2: Excessive or insufficient furniture
Your patio, garden, courtyard or balcony can be used for relaxation, entertainment, gathering or dining. That's why, when it comes to decorating your outdoor space, you may encounter a huge mistake of piling up a lot of rattan style furniture outdoors. Spacious outdoor spaces are still fine, but for limited outdoor spaces this will be a big problem. If there is too much rattan effect patio furniture, you could clutter up your patio, making it feel crowded and not having enough space for easy access. At the same time, if there is too little rattan patio furniture, you will not have enough space to sit and enjoy your outdoor living space in comfort. So, when choosing rattan effect patio furniture, choose types that are comfortable, have the right amount of seating and look good with several other pieces on their own.

Mistake 3: Inadequate or excessive decoration
Furniture is one way to decorate your outdoor space, but often outdoor spaces need to be accessorized as well. Your patio will also feel incomplete without any patio decoration. For example, a plain rattan patio set may not be aesthetically pleasing enough for a backyard, but if you pair it with some plants, a stone wall, footstools etc. then it will add beauty to the place. However, overdoing it is also a mistake when it comes to decorating your outdoor space. You must not over accessorize, it can take your furniture out of sight and crowd your space. There should be enough space for sitting areas and other outdoor décor so that your patio has a balanced look.

Mistake 4: Inconsistent size, proportion and alignment
The size, proportions and alignment of rattan effect furniture are often overlooked. Furniture must fit the space, size and proportions. With a vast array of patio arrangement ideas such as rattan bistro sets and modular rattan furniture, there are many ways to design a balanced furniture arrangement for your patio. While you don't necessarily have to keep your furniture symmetrical, there needs to be a sense of balance in the way you arrange them. For example, rattan garden chairs must be close enough to the coffee table but also far enough away so that people can sit comfortably. If you have a huge patio, try dividing the space into different sections and offering seating options. Rather than cramming all your rattan effect furniture into one area, use the space and create a more balanced look. If you have a barbecue area, make sure you keep your furniture at a safe distance.

When you are ready to decorate your rattan patio furniture, please avoid destroying your outdoor space due to these mistakes. Instead, you can create an outdoor space that is symmetrical, balanced, practical, comfortable, relaxed and attractive.

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