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What are the Most Popular Rattan Furniture Types for Dining and Lounging?

April 01, 2022 3 min read

We all enjoy getting together with our families for impromptu barbecues or summer nights around the campfire. If you have an outdoor space, it's time to think about giving your outdoor space a makeover. Whether you want to create a versatile outdoor entertaining space, socialize under the stars, or make the most of your outdoor space to dine, relax and spend time with loved ones, purchasing the right rattan furniture will make your dreams come to life and provide the seating and dining solutions you need.

For many years, rattan effect furniture has been deeply loved by countries with warm climate, and then became popular in summer in Britain and other countries. However, you may get a bit confusing with all the available options. For example, should you choose a comfortable corner sofa set or a space-saving rattan garden dining set? Or, for a big summer barbecue party, a cube set might be better. Ultimately, it comes down to what you want to achieve through the garden space. Therefore, we have summarized three most popular fashion rattan effect furniture options, as well as their main features and advantages.

4 seater modular rattan garden furniture
If you want to relax outdoors with friends on a sunny day, the 4 seater modular rattan garden furniture is ideal for relaxation. It features 4 modular pieces that you can combine into the seating configuration of your choice. Modular seating offers a wealth of configuration options, allowing you to customize the layout that best suits your space - whether that's through a compact double sofa or an ultra-spacious corner section. If you want to cater to more guests, simply add more sections. Its footstool can complete a sofa set on the left or right side. This capability allows you to adapt the corner setting to your outdoor space, especially convenient for small patios and gardens. It also comes with a glass-topped coffee table that can be used as a side table for snacks, coffee cups or cold drinks. So this comfortable rattan modular sofa set is suitable for any garden space to enjoy your summer time.

4 Seater Modular Rattan Garden Furniture

6 seater rattan corner sofa set
If you prefer a more laid back and casual dinner, the rattan corner sofa set is the ideal choice. Modern and comfortable, this 6 seater rattan set has cushions and seats to provide all-around support while you enjoy a cool drink in the evening. Usually, place it on the corner of an indoor wall or outdoor lawn. Although it's huge, it doesn't take up a lot of outdoor space. And it also has a variety of combinations that you can combine at will depending on the placement of other furniture or the amount of space in your home. It's perfect for social events and can be set up with a coffee table or around a fire pit for entertaining. Or use it as additional seating to complete a lounge.

6 Seater Rattan Corner Sofa Set

8 seater rattan cube set
If you often have many guests, whether family or friends, the rattan cube set brings many benefits to your garden and is the perfect addition to your patio. This elegant rattan set is perfect for dinner with more people, and you can comfortably host a barbecue, family lunch, or even a gathering with friends without feeling short on space. The high-back chair provides excellent back support and comfort as you and your guests enjoy dinner from dusk to dawn. Its clever and compact design offers maximum capacity and functionality without taking up too much garden space. For example, the footstool can be used as additional seating for guests or as a mini table when needed. In addition, the footstool fits perfectly under the seat and can be well hidden under the glass top table. With this space-saving feature, you'll have more garden space to have fun and explore your creativity.

8 Seater Rattan Cube Set

These are three of the most popular rattan furniture types for dining and lounging. Bringing them into your garden is sure to impress your family and friends, and bring the style and comfort your summer deserves.

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