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What are the Safety Rules for Using Rattan Outdoor Furniture?

September 06, 2023 3 min read

Outdoor space is crucial for those who enjoy grilling and hosting outdoor dinners. But when organizing lemonade stands and backyard barbecues, you may not consider creating a safe space for summer fun. Many accidents happen outdoors, and many of them involve outdoor furniture. To minimize risk, it's important to take certain safety measures and establish good practices in your outdoor entertaining space. Here are some simple safety tips to help you use your rattan outdoor furniture safely.

Check table tops for cracks
If your rattan furniture has glass or sheetrock table tops, check them for cracks and chips when you wipe them down in the summer. Fragile items such as glass and ceramics are always prone to breakage when touched by children. Active children may not always be careful. Even the smallest shards can result in cuts to unsuspecting children, and cracks can expand quickly in the hot sun. If you have cracked furniture, be sure to replace the part before the temperature rises.

Check Rattan Furniture Table Tops for Cracks

Check for wear and tear
When warm weather is approaching and you are ready to take out your rattan outdoor furniture again, clean and inspect it carefully. Over time, straps wear out, as do woven seats, and unsuspecting guests can easily fall during celebrations. Also check the metal frames of your outdoor furniture for rusted metal bent pieces and other occurrences. Remember to fix any sharp edges before setting up patio furniture for everyone to use.

Use non-toxic cleaners
When decorating outdoor furniture during the summer months, make sure you use non-toxic cleaners. Damage from use and weather can release toxins into the air or water supply around your house, posing a danger to your family and pets. Non-toxic products are always better, so be sure to buy the right stuff. Also, leaving cleaners on your furniture will help remove stubborn dirt, but don't let the water and cleaner soak into your rattan furniture for too long. Extended saturation can warp the furniture. You can also use a damp cloth rather than a hose to rinse. Also using a toothbrush in conjunction with this can help to get deep between the tight weave, especially because mold is more likely to collect in these areas of standing water.

Use Non-toxic Cleaners to Clean Rattan Furniture

Keep flammable materials away from ignition sources
The romance and excitement of a backyard bonfire is the cornerstone of summer fun. But that fun can quickly come to an end when the fire spreads beyond the designated pit. To avoid a disastrous evening, remove flammable furniture such as seat cushions, cushions and umbrellas from rattan sofa away from the fire. Even fire-resistant outdoor furniture made from fire-resistant materials can be dangerous when too close to flames.

Keep Rattan Sofa Away from the Fire

Develop a fire safety plan
Fire features are one of the most popular backyard items today. They're fun for the family and can add value to your home. But remember through all the fun to set time aside for safety. Lay out clear rules for behavior around the fire with kids and set up some safety procedures in case of an emergency. Just dedicating a few minutes to fire safety will help you enjoy your backyard fire features with peace of mind.

Create a safety structure
Potentially dangerous outdoor items like barbeque grills, fire pits, and swimming pools should have protective structures around them to keep children and pets safe. Make sure you can cover open flames on your grill and fire pit and have a railing or fence around your pool to keep children from falling in. Accidents happen, but many of them can be avoided with these simple safety tips and procedures this summer. All you should be worrying about is what book to relax with or what's going on at the grill tonight. Sail through the summer with ease and enjoy the best season yet without any trips to the doctor's office.

Rattan outdoor furniture can help you transform the look of your outdoor living space by making it more exciting and attractive. But there's nothing better than making sure you and your family's children are safe while playing outdoors. By following these tips, you'll have a safe outdoor environment that lets you enjoy breakfast, lunch, and dinner outdoors in no time. Of course, if you want to keep your furniture in good condition for a long time, you can also learn more about the steps you can take to protect your rattan furniture from kids and pets.

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