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What is a Zero Gravity Sun Lounger?

April 14, 2022 3 min read

Recommended by doctors, occupational therapists and health care professionals, the "zero gravity" position is the most natural position for relaxation. If you've been working all day, you always want to find a place where you can lie down comfortably. Or on your day off, you can't wait to get out in the sun or get some fresh air in the shade. There is nothing better than the comfortable zero gravity sun lounger. When you recline in that chair, you can give your back muscles a much-needed break to provide unparalleled relief. So whether you want a comfortable place to snooze in the sun, read your paper or just sit back and enjoy the garden, it's guaranteed to keep you comfortable and relaxed for hours! But have you ever wondered, what is an anti-gravity sun lounger?

What is it?
Although they look similar to sunloungers at first glance, gravity sun loungers are really different. These chairs get their name because of their ability to tilt you backwards while you maintain the same seating position. Once your feet reach a height higher than your heart, much of the gravitational pressure is reduced, which will make you feel more relaxed. By the way, this fixed seating position isn't just something the manufacturer guessed at. In fact, it was actually developed by NASA by observing how astronauts' bodies relax in a zero-gravity environment, and is a more natural way to relax than a heavy-duty garden swing.

Anti-Gravity Sun Lounger

How does it work?
The anti-gravity sun lounger provides comfort and relaxation unmatched by any rocking chair or recliner. It works by releasing all pressure points and aligning your body along the spine. It comes with armrests and an adjustable backrest with stabilizers, allowing you to choose between an upright, reclined or zero gravity position. Its solid and durable material provides strong back support and ensures even weight distribution. When you want to sit more relaxed in these chairs, you can comfortably adjust their tilt angle to about 120 degrees. This position means that the effects of gravity feel several times lighter, as if we were floating on water. Use it indoors and outdoors to give your body the stress-free relaxation it deserves! Of course, these sun loungers can be used for sunbathing, and you can also do other things in them.You can entertain guests with drinks and casual meals, or if you live by the beach, this could be your preferred seat when you want to relax and enjoy the ocean view. It's also great for reading or just taking in your surroundings while basking in the warmth of the light.

Adjustable Zero Gravity Sun Lounger

What special functions does it have?
This type of garden sun loungers usually offers a range of key features which meet our irreducible minimum requirements: convenience, comfort, adjustability and portability. It allows you to choose different tilt angles until you reach the position you think is right for you. The back is usually made of a breathable fabric to improve your comfort when sitting on it. Some zero gravity reclining garden chairs also allow you to get an adjustable pillow for the headrest. It comes with an adjustable headrest that can support your head when needed and can be easily removed when not needed. In terms of folding, this chair can be folded flat for easy storage and transportation. When you need to go out, you can easily fold and fit it well in your car’s limited space. This also makes it very suitable for home use and outdoor camping, fishing, hiking or spending a day at the beach.

Foldable Zero Gravity Sun Lounger

Hopefully, these will be helpful and give you a clearer picture of how it works and its special features. If you are looking for a comfortable and fun way to spend your time relaxing on the patio or in the garden, then these zero gravity sun loungers may be a great choice for you. They offer the ability to get the ultimate in comfort and relaxation while enjoying time in your garden or outdoor space.

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