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What is the Difference between Wicker Furniture and Rattan Furniture?

July 27, 2021 6 min read

Rattan outdoor furniture is a great choice for summer gardens because it has some wonderful advantages that other furniture lacks. Rattan effect furniture has super durability. It will not dry or crack as easily as leather furniture, nor will it erode or mold due to moisture like wooden furniture. These all ensure its long-lasting service life. In addition, people also like to use rattan sofa sets to create a natural and fresh look of the garden, creating an instant holiday atmosphere. Whether it is to entertain a large group of family and friends for outdoor dining, or you can rest and read quietly after getting off work alone, the rattan garden sofa always allows you to truly relax and get everything you need for a perfect summer.

Just as it is difficult for most people to distinguish a donkey from a mule, wicker furniture and rattan furniture that have the same natural modeling will always be regarded as the same thing by people, this is completely understandable. However, after a little understanding, you may be surprised to find that rattan effect outdoor furniture and wicker outdoor furniture actually refer to two relatively different things and therefore are not interchangeable. In order to eliminate all the confusion, let me help you remember the difference between rattan garden furniture and wicker garden furniture, so that you can easily make a wise decision when choosing a rattan style furniture set.

Rattan Sofa Sets

What is rattan?
Rattan is a material used to make rattan furniture sets. It looks like a vine. The charming shape of natural materials ensures that the rattan sofa setcan have a huge aesthetic impact. There are more than 600 different kinds of rattan, mainly distributed in areas like Australia and tropical Asia. However, they all have the same great advantages, that is, they can provide shocking comfort, convenience, and durability. Excellent performance makes rattan effect outdoor furniture a must-have for many homes and gardens, and this popularity will inevitably lead to environmental problems of raw materials shortage. In order to solve the problem of sustainability, synthetic rattan, which has the same attractive natural appearance as natural rattan, is the best alternative choice for many rattan furniture manufacturers. It is more economical and environmentally friendly than other materials such as wood or natural rattan, making it gradually popular In the field of outdoor furniture, it has become an ideal material for weaving into rattan garden furniture.

What is wicker?
The biggest misunderstanding between rattan furniture and wicker furniture is that people mistakenly think that wicker and rattan are both materials, but the two are very different because wicker is an ancient weaving technique often used in furniture production rather than a material. The origin of wicker furniture can be traced back to ancient Egypt. Some wicker products, such as wicker baskets, wicker boxes, and wicker boxes, have been found in the tombs of the pharaohs at that time. At first, wicker was only designed by people to make woven baskets, but later its application was gradually expanded to furniture weaving. Wicker furniture has been circulated and used for thousands of years, and it has become popular again in modern times.Wicker Sofa SetsWhat makes rattan furniture more suitable for garden than wicker furniture?
At present, the most common use of rattan and wicker is furniture design, so since the two are so similar, how to choose the better one for your garden between rattan garden furniture and wicker furniture? Speaking of this point, I would like to recommend the all-round rattan effect furniture set to you without hesitation. Please be patient and listen to me elaborate on the many advantages of rattan garden tables and chairs.

  1. Since the garden is an outdoor area, the weather conditions vary widely, such as continuous sunshine in hot summer, sudden storms on rainy days or snow and frost in severe winter, outdoor furniture should be able to deal with bad or even extreme weather. At this time, rattan furniture set is definitely a good idea that deserves your consideration, because it can withstand harsh outdoor conditions more than most other furniture including wicker furniture, this makes the rattan corner sofa not only used in the interior decoration of the living room and kitchen but also a perfect choice for outdoor environments such as gardens and patios. Any wind and rain will not easily create any impact on rattan effect furniture, and it is still UV stable after the special powder coating process, which means you don't need to worry about the rattan garden chairs fading or cracking in the sun. In contrast, wicker furniture is actually not the best choice for outdoor use, because it is not waterproof and cannot withstand the outdoor environment, so it may only be suitable for indoor furniture. If you want to find a relaxing place to sit down and enjoy wine and food in the bright sunshine with friends, then the rattan sofa set is simply a must.
  2. Rattan furniture set's advantage of easy maintenance and cleaning is also a key reason why many people give up wicker furniture and fall in love with rattan style sofas. Wicker furniture is easy to accumulates dust and debris, which means that its cleaning and maintenance work will take up a lot of your spare time. When you encounter stubborn stains, you may even need to pay a lot of extra fees to buy special cleaners for it. But if you choose the rattan garden corner sofa, then this kind of trouble will not appear in your worries. As mentioned in the previous point, the excellent weatherproof performance of the rattan effect sofa can save you a lot of maintenance. For daily cleaning, it will be enough for you to prepare a soft cloth and a basin of water. Whether it is time or money, only minimal investment is required to ensure that the quality of outdoor rattan sofas is always excellent.
  3. In addition, just like the reason why wood, natural leather and natural rattan were originally replaced, wicker furniture has an insurmountable disadvantage that is that when wicker is over-developed into raw materials for furniture production, their regeneration speed is slow and will be difficult to keep up with the speed of production, thus creating a negative impact on the environment. At this time, choosing rattan garden furniture means that you have chosen to support environmental protection, because synthetic rattan is a synthetic resource used by furniture manufacturers to change this problem, so rattan effect outdoor furniture is much more environmentally friendly than wicker furniture It means that you no longer have to worry about your own demands for rattan sofa set will be bad for the earth and thus blame yourself.
  4. The last and most important point is that the rattan style furniture with crisscross rattan woven design provides a unique classical style, and it also makes rattan garden furniture durable, because synthetic rattan is light in weight yet it's really tough. You don't need to worry that it will break shortly after purchase the rattan garden furniture and therefore have to go out to buy new outdoor furniture for replacement, what is absolutely not worth buying. This again gives rattan furniture set an advantage over wicker furniture.
Rattan Garden Tables and Chairs

After reading this article, you must have mastered the distinction between rattan garden tables and chairs and wicker furniture. In general, although the visual effects of the two are not very different, the difference between rattan furniture and wicker furniture can be found in many aspects such as definition, function, and usage, and the decisive difference between the two is that rattan is material, while wicker is a way of weaving. If you are looking for high-quality garden furniture with a stylish look, lightweight, and durability, the rattan style garden furniture set is undoubtedly your best investment. The best rattan garden furniture will help your garden become a multi-functional outdoor living space, and the fashionable beauty of rattan garden chairs will remain unchanged for many years to come. At the same time, you can also be guaranteed to enjoy the extreme comfort of the rattan style garden sofa set for a long period of time. Then, you can go out now and choose a rattan outdoor furniture set that suits your taste. The earlier the purchase will mean the sooner you can feel the perfect experience brought by the rattan tables and chairs.

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