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What Is the History of Rattan Furniture You Should Know?

August 30, 2021 5 min read

Rattan Garden Furniture

As we know, PE rattan is a synthetic material that is simple to maintain but still durable. The rattan outdoor furniture made of this material is the main focus of entertainment and socializing with family and friends. Using rattan style furniture sets to create a unique small leisure area in the open garden to welcome loved ones is what seems to be a choice of the same tendency for many people. In the brilliant summer, a rattan table, a comfortable rattan garden chair, and an outdoor rattan effect sofa or a simple rattan style patio furniture set can quickly turn an idle courtyard into a cozy place, nothing It's more enjoyable than sinking yourself into a comfortable rattan sofa set, soaking up the sun, enjoying the beautiful summer weather, or talking about holiday anecdotes with friends at the rattan cube garden table.

In addition to these, many people know that the rattan sofa set presents a classic charm, which is not only due to the elegant style presented by the intricate and exquisite woven design of the rattan patio set but also from rattan, a traditional material that has existed since ancient times and was deeply rooted in the history of civilization itself with the development of rattan garden furniture during this period. It seems to be able to evoke people's emotions about the memories of the past years. In fact, the history of rattan tables and chairs can be traced back thousands of years ago. The truths you have never known are much deeper than you think, and may even surprise you. It's better to read the brief history of rattan furniture we have compiled for you in the following article to help you consolidate your understanding of rattan outdoor sofas and thus achieve a deeper understanding of it.

Rattan's Botanical History
Rattan is a natural product that grows faster than traditional wood. The diameter of its stem ranges from 3 mm to more than 20 cm, and the length ranges from a few meters to more than 200 meters. Rattan is native to tropical regions of Australia, Asia, and Africa. There are about 600 different species, the highest proportion of which is in the forests of Indonesia, and there are more than 20 unique rattan species, which directly leads to this area later became the main material supplier of rattan effect outdoor tables and chairs. In addition, different types of rattan have their own functions, which allows this material to play its strengths in many ways in many ways. For example, the fruit of some species of rattan will produce red resin. These resins are often collected and converted into varnish, paint or incense, which are used in various fields from traditional medicine to musical instruments. The red finish of violin resin from this material. However, the most appreciated rattan is its light but strong texture and strong performance to adapt to various ecological conditions, which also makes it widely used by farmers to weave into various handicrafts such as rattan baskets or rattan storage boxes and rattan garden chairs, rattan style sofas, rattan effect outdoor dining furniture and other rattan style furniture sets.Rattan Dining Furniture
Ancient Rattan Garden Furniture Set
* Ancient Egypt, Rome and China
Many great civilizations in history originated from the ancient civilization period, and the known source of rattan should not be surprisingly traced back to that era. After research, archaeologists discovered that there was furniture made of reeds and marsh grass near the Nile delta in ancient Egypt around 3000 BC, so the rattan that we later used to make various garden rattan furniture is probably also a material growing from there. Later, after the civil war between Cleopatra and Octavian, ancient Egypt fell into the control of ancient Rome. The exquisitely woven rattan furniture sets were popular with the ancient Romans who liked foreign cultures, so they transformed the rattan style outdoor tables and chairs to suit their own tastes and spread them throughout the empire. Ancient China, which is close to the ideal rattan growing areas of Southeast Asia, may surprisingly not introduce rattan and rattan garden sofa sets until the 15th century. Some people explain that this delay was due to the lack of cognition to rattan style furniture in China at that time.

* Europe and the Victorian Era
The Victorian era refers to the reign of the Queen of England from 1837 to 1901. In this period, the rattan effect furniture set arrived in the colonies as a kind of furniture with artistic aesthetics. Its woven design made it breathable while more comfortable than solid wood or metal chairs, which deeply attracted the entire British Empire. As a mark of ancient culture, rattan style patio furniture was appreciated by more Europeans after the Renaissance and became their new interest.

* Early American
In the United States, outdoor rattan furniture sets began to be produced in the 1840s. By the mid-1850s, the special advantages of rattan after the popularity of the New World were explored by Americans, and rattan style garden sofas became more common and realized transformation here again. Wakefield is considered to be the father of American rattan effect sets because he broke the tradition and designed his own American rattan furniture series. He has also become a leader in the rattan style sofa manufacturing industry, leading it to continuously achieve wonderful leaps again and again.

Modern Rattan Outdoor Furniture
Up to now, you can still easily find that the rattan garden tables and chairs still maintain their shocking popularity. The difference is that modern technology has created a more environmentally friendly and high-quality rattan selection, which is the synthetic PE rattan we mentioned at the beginning, it has further improved the quality of outdoor rattan furniture and brought us into the modern age of the rattan effect sofa. Today's rattan modular sofas retain the classic feel of old-fashioned rattan furniture, but they also have functions that are more in line with the lifestyle of today's families. For those who like to dine outdoors, there are many rattan garden dining sets for them to choose from. Those who like to entertain can also get the ideal one from the rattan style corner sofa.

From the above article, we can know that for thousands of years, rattan style furniture has unknowingly experienced a long journey, however, it has always been able to meet everyone's tastes and needs at different times. Fortunately, the change and the passage of time have not eliminated rattan tables and chairs, and you can still enjoy this wonderful product now. If you are looking for some rattan garden furniture to add style and comfort to your outdoor area, now is the time to act.

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