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What Safety Tips Should Be Followed When Using Charcoal Grills?

May 12, 2022 4 min read

Barbecues are a popular way to enjoy the pleasant summer weather, but when a bbq charcoal rack is too close to any fire hazards, a barbecue fire can easily start and spread quickly. Barbecue accidents are more common than you might think. People are injured almost every year due to improperly operated grills, and serious building fires and outdoor fires can result. Misuse of your backyard grill can lead to tragedy, and these are things we cannot afford to ignore. So, keep in mind the following safety tips for your charcoal grill to ensure that you and your family can enjoy a safe and delicious backyard barbecue.

1. Make sure the grill is in a safe location
Your charcoal bbq grill should always be placed on a flat, level surface to avoid tipping over. Make sure the grill is located in a very open area with adequate ventilation. Keep it away from houses, tents and vehicles to avoid overexposure to carbon monoxide. Patio furniture, low-hanging branches, fences and backyard decorations all pose a fire risk if they are close enough to the grill. Even without a fire, a grill can cause burns and other types of damage, so give it some space. It's usually ideal to make sure your bbq charcoal rack has at least 10 feet of space in all directions around it before lighting it. In other words, your grill should not be close to any other objects or structures, including the side of your home. Allowing at least 10 feet of space around your bbq charcoal shelf will reduce the risk of a fire.

Charcoal Grill is in a Safe Location

2. Keep children and pets at a safe distance
Young children and pets have many of the same issues when it comes to barbecue safety. They can easily run barbecue grill without knowing the dangers and play near it, thus accidentally bumping into or touching a part of the hot grill. This can mean injuries and burns of varying degrees. It is best to set the grill away from the main social areas to prevent accidents caused by children or dogs bumping into it while you are carrying hot food.

3. Use a proper fire starter
Do not use kerosene, gasoline to start a bbq charcoal rack. Gasoline is too flammable and its use may result in personal injury or property damage. If you are struggling to start a charcoal outdoor grill, try spacing out the charcoal pieces. Spacing them out will increase airflow and make them easier to light. Alternatively, you can use a small amount of charcoal lighter fluid. Charcoal lighter fluid is flammable, but it is not as flammable as gasoline. It is recommended that you use a barbecue lighter to start your bbq charcoal shelf. Barbecue lighters are designed for grilling. They have a long neck and are able to reach charcoal from a safe distance. Or use a charcoal chimney starter. Not only will this make lighting those coals easier, it will also allow you to start a fire in a more controlled manner, using newspaper as fuel.

4. Use a meat thermometer
Food safety suggests that it is very important to cook meat to an appropriate temperature to avoid potential food poisoning. Using a meat thermometer during charcoal bbq is both safer and makes cooking easier. Only then can you be sure the meat has been heated to the proper temperature to kill all harmful bacteria and just know that the meat is ready. Also, don't forget to clean the thermometer before and after handling raw meat, poultry and seafood. This is also true for other tools you use to handle raw meat.

Use a Meat Thermometer

5. Avoid filling the grill with food
It may be tempting to fill a barbecue grill with food, but if too much fat drips onto the flame of the grill, a fire may break out. This applies especially to fatty meats. The basic reason for this tip is that if too much fat drips onto the flame at one time, it could cause a large burn that could ignite something nearby. If too much fat gets on and burns up, you need to react quickly on the spot by removing the food from the grill with tongs and using a lid to smother the flames by reducing the amount of oxygen the fire can reach.

Food Fills the BBQ Grill

6. Wear heat-resistant gloves
When using the charcoal grill, you should consider wearing heat-resistant gloves. Because coal grills get very, very hot, charcoal burns hotter than gas. This will make it easy for you to get burned or scalded by the heat while cooking food. Heat resistant gloves can effectively protect your hands from the heat. They are made of special synthetic fabrics and materials that provide insulation. With heat resistant gloves on, you can remove food or add food to a charcoal grill without having to worry about burning your hands.

Grill with Heat-Resistant Gloves

7. Keep the grill clean
When you're done grilling, the grates will be covered in burnt food or grease. If you let grease and fat build up on the grill, they provide more fuel for the fire. The accumulation of grease and fat can serve as additional fuel for sudden, dangerous fires, which actually account for 20 percent of all grill fires. A clean bbq grill not only produces better-tasting food, but it also doesn't stick as easily and reduces the risk of dangerous emergencies. Therefore, it is important to clean your grill every time you use it. Regularly remove grease and fat buildup from grill grates and drip pans. Occasionally, it is necessary to empty the grill of all ashes. Every once in a while, each grill needs a deep cleaning, and once or twice a season is sufficient.

Clean the Charcoal Grill

Every year, fire caused by grill failure or careless use will cause casualties. Following these charcoal grill safety tips and having the right protection will help you and your family enjoy a safe grilling season all summer long.

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