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When is the Best Time to Take out Your Rattan Garden Furniture?

March 11, 2022 3 min read

Rattan outdoor furniture brings purpose and comfort to your patio and extends your indoor living room outdoors to provide an outdoor space for relaxation and meditation. It can make your patio more practical and make your garden a great place to spend time. Especially when the weather is good, gather with your family and friends around your rattan outdoor table and enjoy a hearty feast or barbecue. Perch on your patio and enjoy the beautiful view. In the meantime, reading a good book lying on the rattan outdoor sofa is a good time that everyone longs for.

Usually, as the colder months approach, we use this type of outdoor furniture less and less frequently, with many opting to store them inside or cover them up to avoid dust and protect them better. However, as the temperature gradually rises, people become anxious to take them out and transform your garden space. One fact that should not be overlooked is that taking it out too soon can damage it. So when is the right time to take out your rattan garden furniture? In this article, we will discuss when it is the right time to take it out and what to pay attention to. Following this information can help you to put your rattan effect furniture and outdoor entertainment area in the best possible condition during the warmer months.

When to take it out?
The best time to take out your rattan garden furniture is after the last frost. Although the temperature outside may be warm, check the weather forecast for your area. If it says that the temperature will drop below freezing during the night, then you should wait a little longer. Only take it out after the temperature outside has risen above freezing. This is because frost can cause significant damage to your rattan style garden furniture. Therefore, a frost-free climate or spring is usually the best time to take out this furniture to ensure you can clean it.

If you take it out too soon and leave it outside, the frost could attack and damage it. The main reason frost is so dangerous to your rattan outdoor furniture is that the water expands once it turns to ice. If there are any cracks in the furniture itself, water will get into these cracks and when the water turns to ice, thus propping up the cracks causing more damage to it. In addition, they are not only vulnerable to the weather, but can also be damaged or urinated on by animals. And take out your rattan garden table and chairs too late and you'll easily miss out on a great time to hang out by the pool, have a barbecue or enjoy more outdoor activities while dining outdoor.

Rattan Garden Table and Chairs

What should you do after you take it out?
When you take your rattan furniture out, you should first clean it. Only after it has been thoroughly cleaned will you be able to see if there is any damage to it. You can fill a bucket with warm water and put a little washing powder in it. If the stain is hard, you can use a sponge or a soft brush. Make sure you clean all spots, even those that are hard to reach. Only when your rattan effect garden furniture is completely clean will you be able to see if there is any damage and then know how to take further steps.

When you have finished cleaning it and need to put it outside again, you can use the following methods to decorate it. The best way to brighten up your garden is to have a nice tablecloth for your table and place a flower in a pot right in the middle of the rattan table. This will certainly make it look better and more vibrant. Of course, you can arrange your rattan style garden furniture to suit your aesthetic style and needs. You can also get out your barbecue and grill some tasty treats on it. Fill your cooler with ice cubes and refreshing drinks and take it outside. Last but not least, invite your friends, family, and neighbors. That way you can have your social fun at the best possible time.

The arrival of spring means that you need to take out your rattan effect furniture and start enjoying outdoor activities again. However, you should remember to clean and decorate the furniture for regular use first, so that your outdoor garden space can be refreshed and you can enjoy the freedom brought by longer sunshine and warm weather.

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