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Where and How to Store Cushions for Rattan Furniture?

March 18, 2022 4 min read

One way to ensure that the rattan effect furniture you choose remains in like-new condition for years to come is to store your outdoor cushions. As a rule, rattan outdoor furniture is durable and weather resistant. However, if it is not stored properly during the off-season, it can become moldy and dirty. Or worse, cushions for rattan furniture can become infested with pests. Moths and spiders can make a home in your cushions and mice can chew a hole in the fabric. You definitely don't want to encounter a situation where you find spiders or other pests inside your cushions. After all, as well as keeping the furniture itself comfortable, cushions are also very important for keeping it looking good. Therefore, if you want to extend the life of your rattan effect furniture as long as possible, in addition to knowing how to care for your rattan garden furniture, you should also learn how to store your rattan effect furniture cushions properly.

The first step you need to take before storing these cushions is to clean them properly. If you may not clean the cushions, you may leave dust and other types of debris inside. This can cause the exterior fabric to deteriorate and reduce the overall aesthetic appeal of your rattan furniture. After cleaning the cushions, allow them to dry properly. If you store the cushions while they are still wet, you increase the likelihood that mold will infect them and cause their condition to deteriorate significantly. Now that you have learned the basics of cleaning these cushions, we will move on to discuss some of the storage methods and locations available.

Storage cover
The most straightforward and effective way to protect your cushions from dirt is to use the storage cover. These are often made from durable materials and allow you to look after your cushions without having to set up a separate storage space. You can simply slip the storage covers over the rattan sofa set and then not have to worry about them being subjected to any significant damage from the environment. The covers are helpful in winter and summer. They will protect your cushions from storms while you are on holiday and protect them from dust or damage, such as paint drips from outdoor projects. At the same time, it is very suitable for quickly taking out the cushion and your rattan sofa when you use it next time.

Storage Cover for Rattan Furniture Cushions

Storage box
It is another feasible option to use a storage box to store cushions for rattan effect furniture. Easy to store, at your fingertips, you can put away the cushion after each use. In addition to protecting mats from winter weather, it will help them keep clean during periods of heavy pollen or dusty weather. When you choose a storage box, there are many different choices to choose from, from various designs to many different materials. If you live in a humid area, you must choose materials that are good at handling moisture when buying storage boxes. At the same time, remember to choose the right size, so that all the cushions of your rattan furniture can be completely put into the scope of the storage box.

Storage Box for Rattan Furniture Cushions

Storage shelves
In addition, you can store your rattan sofa cushions on the storage rack indoors. Although these may not be effective in humid environment, they are certainly feasible solutions in dry environment. You can store the mat safely by simply placing it on an available shelf. The advantage of the storage rack is that you can put it in the outdoor rest area for easy storage of cushions. You can put away the mats immediately after using them. You can store not only cushions, but also other outdoor furniture effectively. In addition, storage shelves may not provide much protection for the external environment. Therefore, you'd better find some covers that can cover the storage shelves as an extra protective layer to prevent dust, debris and moisture.

Storage Shelves for Rattan Furniture Cushions

Storage shed
If you have a storage shed in your yard, then a storage shed is an ideal solution for storing cushions for rattan furniture. Storage sheds work well regardless of the environment. This is because the interior of the storage shed stays cool and dry at all times. This helps to ensure that your cushions remain in the best possible condition for the environment. Of course, it is also possible to store your rattan effect furniture together if you want to - after all, it can provide plenty of space.

Storage Shed for Rattan Furniture Cushions

How to prevent pest infestation when storing cushions:
If you are afraid that your rattan sofa cushions will become infected with pests, then it is best to store them in an airtight container. Not only will this stop pests getting in, but it will also help to prevent any moisture getting into the cushions. If you're still not too sure, you can use a little bit of insecticide to help keep away from pests. However, remember not to use too much insecticide as this may cause other negative effects.

No matter what the weather is like, if you want to store your cushions for rattan furniture, you can use the above method and choose a suitable storage location. In this way, your rattan effect furniture and cushions will look great and in the best condition next time you use them.

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