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Which Fuels are Suitable for Your Firepit Table?

February 14, 2023 3 min read

The firepit table is a popular and versatile piece of outdoor furniture. It creates a natural gathering place for evening entertaining as people flock to enjoy the light and warmth of the fire. With the right location, it can also be a stunning focal point for other areas of the yard or even indoors. When there's enough heat, you can enjoy cooking dinner and having a great time roasting marshmallows with the kids. So what should we use to fuel the patio fire pit? Each fuel type has its advantages and disadvantages. Learn about the different fuel types to enhance your outdoor living experience.

Hardwood is the ideal source of fuel if you like to cook food on an outdoor fire pit table. Wood is a natural source of fuel. Using wood as a fuel source not only heats the meat for cooking, but also gives it a delicious smoky flavor and crispy bark. You will find two main forms of wood used for cooking: logs and chunks. Many wood types are perfect for grilling and smoking. The type you need depends on the food you are cooking, how much heat you need and how long the food needs to cook. The important thing to remember is that outdoor cooking with wood takes practice to achieve perfection. It requires constant monitoring to maintain a consistent temperature and to ensure you end up with meat that is not burnt and has great flavor.

Using Wood as Fuel for a Firepit Table

Charcoal briquettes
Charcoal briquettes are a convenient fuel source for grilling because they’re very predictable and reliable. Their consistent shape and size make them easy to pile up to cover the bottom of a fire pit bbq table. One advantage of charcoal briquettes is that they burn for a long time and at a consistent temperature because of their uniform size, which is helpful for foods that need a longer cooking time and steady heat. One drawback of cooking with briquettes is that they produce more ash than lump charcoal, and you must dispose of the ashes. Chemicals added during the briquette molding process can also affect the taste of foods.

Using Charcoal Briquettes as Fuel for a Firepit Table

Charcoal lumps
Another form of charcoal is hardwood charcoal lumps. These are newer to the barbecue scene compared to briquettes. Charcoal lumps closely resemble chunks of wood that were burning in a bonfire and suddenly extinguished. The size of the pieces will widely vary between a small chunk the size of a golf ball to a lump the size of a grapefruit. Hardwood charcoal lumps rarely come with unnatural additives and chemicals. They are arguably one of the most flavorful fuel sources, producing great and consistent smoke. As with charcoal briquettes, charcoal lumps are great for “low and slow” cooking sessions as well as high heat grilling. However, lump charcoal also cools off quickly. When cooking with lump charcoal, you must keep a close eye on the fire in the garden table with fire pit so that more charcoal can be added to maintain the desired temperature.

Using Charcoal Lumps as Fuel for a Firepit Table

Alcohol gel
Alcohol gel can be used as an alternative fuel for fire pit table set. It does not emit smoke or odor. In addition, it does not produce toxic or poisonous gases in the environment. To start a fire, you simply place the can in the fire pit, peel off the label, open the top and ignite. This clean burning gel does not give off any smoke and does not leave ashes or soot. Some gel fuels have organic matter mixed in and will produce a crackling and popping sound similar to a wood burning fire pit.

Whichever fuel source you choose, it can be helpful to do some homework and preparation before using a firepit table. Some fuel sources may be convenient, but lack flavor. On the other hand, tastier options can become messy, smoky and require constant monitoring. If you want to ensure fun and safety, I'm sure you'll be happy with whatever fuel you choose.

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