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Which Type of Weatherproof Garden Furniture is the Best?

January 20, 2022 4 min read

Furniture is an integral part of your outdoor environment, from your terrace, to your balcony, to any part of your garden. The right furniture can improve the look and feel of a particular outdoor environment. In addition to timeless style and lasting comfort, your outdoor garden furniture needs to be weather-resistant. From the fledgling spring, to the vibrant summer, to the crispness of early autumn, a patio or garden becomes an essential extension of your home. Whether it's a neighborhood barbecue and family picnic or a respite from the daily grind, the best outdoor garden furniture makes your garden a center for relaxing, entertaining and soaking up the warm weather.

However, the weather in Britain is often unpredictable. No matter how good your furniture looks, if it can't withstand the outdoor weather well, there is no point in buying it. This is why weatherproofness is the main criterion we use when buying garden furniture. Nowadays, there are all kinds of weatherproof garden furniture, which are different from each other. The four most popular and common types of furniture are: rattan style garden furniture, teak furniture, fabric garden furniture and aluminium garden furniture. So which is the best? I'm sure many people have questions about this. Next, we will analyze the durability, style, maintenance level and climate performance of each garden furniture material, so you can choose a piece of outdoor furniture that is most suitable for your residence.

Rattan Garden Furniture
Rattan outdoor furniture creates a relaxed and laid-back look for the garden, with natural tones and textured weaves to complement modern or classic outdoor spaces. It is stylish, simple and attractive, which makes it the perfect type for outdoor activities. However, weatherproof rattan furniture is generally made from PE rattan rather than natural rattan. This is because natural rattan dries out quickly when exposed to wind and sunlight, making it brittle, and exposure to rain can lead to mold and rot. It can be painted to make the base material more durable, but it is best to be more careful not to leave it outside, as well as bringing furniture back inside at night and in bad weather. In contrast, synthetic rattan is a more durable alternative to natural rattan and is fade and water resistant, making it an excellent choice for durable furniture that can be left outdoors all year round. Usually this type of furniture comes with waterproof cushions, which also add to its comfort level. It is also low maintenance, requiring no preservatives or paint. When the furniture becomes dirty, simply hose it down. It dries quickly, resists mildew and is an all-round winner of outdoor entertainment.

Weatherproof Rattan Garden Furniture

Teak Furniture
Teak is a hardwood highly prized for its ability to create strong, durable and beautiful outdoor furniture. As well as having an extremely dense and strong wood, this very slow growing tree retains a large amount of natural oils in its wood after the tree is felled, which helps to prevent the wood from splitting or cracking in the sun, making this type of furniture naturally water resistant. Also, over time, teak will weather to a silver-grey finish, which can add a beautiful hue to garden furniture. However, many teak cleaners and protectors are required to keep it retaining its durability. Teak furniture generally needs to be cleaned once a year to remove dirt, dust and stains, which makes this furniture very much in need of maintenance to maintain its un-weathered appearance. In addition, some teak furniture is very expensive and does not come with a maximum warranty due to fading.

Fabric Garden Furniture
Fabric garden furniture is a popular piece of garden furniture due to its beautiful appearance and comfort. Undoubtedly, the thick padding of a fabric sofa will make it even more comfortable. Today's outdoor fabric furniture is also completely weatherproof and can survive snow and frost, heavy rain and sunshine. This is because its fabric material is 100% waterproof, preventing rain from penetrating. In a light shower, water drops will drip onto the fabric and then roll off. This type of furniture will then be cleaned a little more frequently as the fabric material is more susceptible to dirt and mold, so can be a little more troublesome to maintain than aluminum, teak and rattan effect garden furniture.

Aluminium Furniture
Aluminium is an excellent choice of material for outdoor garden furniture as it does not rust. Although aluminium does technically oxidize when exposed to the elements, this oxidation process does not cause the material to expand and weaken as steel does. Aluminium is also extremely resilient and low-maintenance, and as with rattan garden furniture only needs to be cleaned once a year with soapy water. Cast aluminium will not corrode, rust or fade, so you can enjoy your outdoor furniture all year round. However, when raindrops hit aluminium furniture, it produces a certain amount of noise, causing some disturbance to your rest. The metal also has a very high thermal conductivity, which can cause it to become very hot in the sun and cold to the touch in winter. For outdoor furniture you will therefore usually need to add extra cushions to make your aluminium furniture more practical.

In summary, each of the four types of weatherproof garden furniture has its own advantages. But on the whole, rattan furniture is more perfect in all aspects. Good outdoor garden furniture is an investment. If you are interested in one of the pieces of furniture introduced in the article, pick one up so that you can enjoy the comfort and beauty of the outdoor room you have created.

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