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Can Rattan Garden Furniture Cushions be Left Outside All Year Round?

January 11, 2022 3 min read

There's nothing more relaxing than hanging out in sunny weather on comfortable outdoor furniture. Quality outdoor furniture brings all the comforts of home, while allowing you to enjoy the beauty of the outdoors. But unlike other types of furniture, outdoor furniture needs to be more than just comfortable and beautiful. It also needs to be able to withstand heavy rain, scorching sunshine and various influences of nature. Rattan garden furniture has good weather resistance and is an ideal choice for outdoor furniture. As a part of the furniture set, the cushions provide extra protection, comfort and support for the furniture. The basic information about cushions is also worthy of our attention. Among them, the frequently mentioned questions are: can the cushions on my rattan style outdoor furniture be put out all year round like furniture and whether it will be affected by weather factors? If you are confused about this, read on together.

The Way to Store Rattan Furniture Curshions

Can you leave the cushions of this furniture in the rain?
Of all the weather, the one that has the greatest impact on cushions is rain. This is because we all know that large amounts of moisture and humidity can lead to the growth of bacteria or mold. Rattan effect garden furniture cushions are available in many different types of fabric and the water resistance of different materials varies. The cushions on quality synthetic rattan style garden furniture are made from a special waterproof fabric that will protect your cushions from the shower. But what we need to know is that the cushions are shower-proof, not waterproof. This means that they can be showered outside and when water drips on them, the rain will roll up and roll off. However, when left unattended in a series of downpours, too much water can be sucked in and will eventually start to show signs of wear and tear. So when you expect a downpour, have a cover ready. If you accidentally leave the cushions in the rain, when the heavy rain stops, please shake or wipe off the excess water and let them ventilate a little. If they are covered, remove the cover and check to ensure that no water has collected underneath.

How to store and protect the cushions of this furniture?
Of course, we can protect them by covering our rattan outdoor furniture cushions when it is pouring with rain. However, during the rainy or snowy months, it is necessary to bring them indoors for a long time. I'm sure you also don't want to just leave them outdoors and consider storing the cushions instead. Firstly, they must be cleaned well before storage. It is also a good idea to remove them when it is expected to rain or snow and bring them indoors to avoid the mats getting wet and moldy over time. A thorough inspection of the mat will then reveal any stains or spots that you need to clean before storing. Use a spray bottle of water and mild soap to remove any stains using a sponge or brush to achieve this, rinse, vacuum and air dry to complete the process. Also the mat must be completely dry before storing it in a dry space. Fortunately, these waterproof fabrics themselves will dry quickly and do not need to be placed in a dryer. Alternatively, they can be sealed well using storage bags, thus effectively keeping out dust, debris and insect or rodent pests. Then store them in what must be a dry environment, such as the attic or a very dry basement. That way, when it comes time to wear them again in spring, they will be dry, clean and ready to bring the comfort and joy of the family for the upcoming season.

In short, your rattan garden furniture cushions will have absolutely no problem in minor situations such as light showers and water splashing out. However, during the rainy and snowy months it would be a much better option to bring them indoors and store them away. Of course, good quality rattan furniture and waterproof fabric seat cushions can withstand the harsh outdoor weather better. By taking these relatively quick and easy steps, you will extend the life and appearance of your outdoor cushions for long-term enjoyment, which means saving both time and money.

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