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What is the Best Rattan Outdoor Furniture for Small Garden Spaces?

January 17, 2022 4 min read

Having a separate garden allows you to do almost anything outdoors: eating, entertaining, relaxing, the list goes on. If you are fortunate enough to have a private garden retreat, it's all time to start thinking about furnishing it to make the most of your time outdoors. However, not everyone has a large, ornate and spacious garden, and perhaps your garden space is very small. Even so, just because your garden space is small doesn't mean you need to stop using the space altogether. On the contrary, you can turn your small outdoor space into a welcoming and comfortable space with garden furniture. Choosing the right outdoor furniture is therefore particularly important for homes with limited outdoor space, as every inch of grass or flooring counts. Rattan outdoor furniture, the ideal kind of garden furniture, is available in a wide range. With so many choices, I'm sure you'll find it hard to know where to start. But don't worry, below you can find information on some of the furniture of this type suitable for small gardens and an overview of the three most desirable ones. You can choose the one that suits you best to create a sophisticated and comfortable space for your garden.

Features of rattan furniture suitable for small garden spaces:
If you buy this type of garden furniture in the market, you can consider the following factors. So as to help you choose the best one for your small space.

1. Weatherproof. Weather resistance is an important factor when choosing rattan garden furniture. This is because there is no protection from the weather if it is left outside for long periods of time. Furniture with weatherproof qualities is guaranteed to last for a long time - after all, who wouldn't want their furniture to last longer? Synthetic rattan and powder-coated steel frameis a good match. Both materials are UV-resistant and weatherproof, meaning that it can withstand harmful UV rays and the extremes of British weather, while also being highly resistant to rust and corrosion.

2. Compact. When buying outdoor furniture for a small garden, always try to keep it to a minimum and choose compact pieces. If your rattan style garden furniture is too large and takes up the entire space and does not make room for walking around, I believe it is not a wise choice for you either. To make your limited outdoor space less constricting, you should choose compact furniture while considering the specific purpose given to that space, thus creating a more comfortable space for your small garden.

3. Foldable. Many rattan outdoor furniture and garden sets are available with stackable chairs. If your garden is very small and you want more space to move around, foldable furniture is the best choice for small outdoor areas, where you can sit comfortably when fully extended. When not in use, you can store them neatly in a corner of your patio, garden or shed. They are therefore compact and out of the way, while helping to maximize the space you can free up.

Types of rattan furniture suitable for small garden spaces:
Combining the above features, we have summed up three pieces of furniture that are most suitable for your small garden.

1. Rattan bistro sets
The three piece rattan bistro set consists of two chairs and a table and is perfect for small spaces. They are often the perfect size for small spaces with size restrictions. They tend to be compact in design, which means that they can often fit into even the smallest garden corners. Alternatively, a rattan bistro set with folding chairs will extend your space even further as you can store them away or lean them against the wall when not in use.

Rattan Bistro Set

2. Rattan cube sets
As the name implies, the rattan cube garden furniture set is in the shape of a cube. This set is a great space saver and is perfect for your small garden. Unlike regular garden furniture, rattan cube sets can be folded into a cube when not in use. They don't have to worry about the chairs taking up too much space compared to regular sets, as the chairs can be fitted underneath the table to form a cube. Therefore, the chairs do not get in the way when not in use. They simply need to be stored correctly under the table. It is also one of the sets that can accommodate the largest number of people, so it is a great set for smaller spaces and larger numbers of people to entertain.

Cube Rattan Garden Furniture Set

3. Rattan modular corner sofas
If you have a small garden with an unusual shape, finding a suitable piece of furniture must not be an easy task. A good option is the rattan modular corner sofa set. These corner sofas consist of single pieces that can be set up to offer a variety of layouts. For example, when you have a wider garden but a shorter one, these corner sofas can be set up in a fat L-shape. Or perhaps your garden is longer than it is wide and a slim L-shape can then be created. Or you could even put two corner pieces together to create a small sofa and use the other parts to create a smaller corner sofa in a different area of your garden. Its freedom of combination offers many possibilities for the layout of our small gardens.

Rattan Modular Corner Sofa Set

Having a small garden is much better than having no garden space at all, so make sure you don't waste it by not using it. Learning to choose your furniture wisely will help you make the most of your space.

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