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Can You Put Rattan Garden Furniture on Gravel?

April 29, 2022 3 min read

Bringing gravel patio into your backyard is a fantastic option for those who want to create more outdoor living space in their backyard. Unlike other hard materials, gravel is versatile and inexpensive. It can be replaced as often as you like, doesn't crack or heave like concrete and is easy to install. It also does a great job of preventing weeds, soil erosion and improving drainage. This has made it popular with garden enthusiasts. However, once you have decided to bring your rattan garden table and chairs into a sitting area made of gravel, you will find that placing rattan effect furniture on gravel becomes a big challenge.

What problems can be caused by placing it on gravel?
Usually, we cannot place rattan effect furniture well on a gravel surface because the gravel does not form a solid base. If you place it on gravel without taking any protective measures, it will pose two problems.

Scratch and damagefurniture feet: Gravel is often used as a reliable foundation rock base, so it is very hard. While synthetic rattan materials are very durable, they can all be susceptible to scuffing caused by small rock fragments. Over time, this friction can cause enough damage to significantly change the appearance around the base of your rattan effect furniture. In addition, if your rattan garden table and chairs leg frames are constructed of metal, the more they are scratched, the greater the likelihood of rusting or other corrosion. The more damaged rattan there is, the more likely it is to break and rot.

Cause furniture to sink and slide: If placed on gravel, you may soon begin to notice that the rattan style table and chair legs will shift down into the gravel, making the table or chair uneven. Gravel is very easy to shift when it is not fixed. When you sit on the rattan chair, it will sink into it and move around, no matter how tightly you try to press the gravel. And the thinner the legs of rattan effect furniture, the more easily it will sink. The small surface area of the furniture legs has little stability on uneven and loose ground, and will quickly pierce and sink into the dirt or gravel pile.

Problems of Rattan Furniture on Gravel

How to put it safely on the gravel?
If you want to use gravel to create an outdoor sitting area, there are also tips you can use to make your furniture more securely placed on it.

Level the gravel surface: In this method, hard materials are installed selectively. Simply place pavers, stones or concrete slabs or a piece of wood on the deck below the rattan table and chair legs. After placement, gravel is used around the rattan garden effect furniture legs to hide. This method works best for fixed furniture such as tables. If, however, your chair needs to be moved frequently, you can use concrete to fix the gravel so that it stays completely flat. When it is completely dry, you can also arrange carpets on the gravel to add not only flatness and softness, but also beauty.

Rattan Garden Furniture on Flat Gravel

Pack furniture feet: Most of the wear and tear caused by gravel will occur on the bottom of the furniture. Therefore, you should know how to protect the feet of your rattan furniture. You can use plastic feet to provide a little extra protection for the surface of your garden table and chairs. Or cut an "X" in a tennis ball, which can be easily pushed onto the chair legs. This will stop the chair from sinking on soft ground. Then connect a piece of wood between the front and back legs, or put down some tarpaulin. This will distribute the weight load when sitting on the chair.

Overall, gravel is a less expensive way to add outdoor living space. But placing rattan garden furniture on gravel can be difficult to achieve perfect stability. You can still use both of these methods, allowing you to create a beautiful space that will remain functional for years to come.

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