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Cane, Wicker, Rattan Furniture: What's the Difference?

November 25, 2021 3 min read

With the diversification of outdoor furniture styles, the types of furniture materials are becoming more abundant. The pastoral style furniture that blends best with the natural scenery is also becoming more and more popular. This style of furniture often likes to use plant materials, no matter where it is put outdoors, it does not violate the harmony. But wicker, cane and rattan, as very similar pastoral furniture materials, are often confused by people.

Wicker, cane furniture and rattan outdoor furniture the most obvious difference is that cane and rattan are materials, and wicker is a way of weaving, it can use many different materials. The furniture made from them also has its own characteristics and advantages. If you clearly understand the difference between them, you can better choose the right one for your garden.

Rattan Outdoor Furniture

Rattan Furniture
Rattan is a natural material, a vine-like species from the tropics. The appearance of rattan is similar to bamboo, but the rattan is more flexible and bendable, strong and rich in fiber. This feature makes it an ideal material choice for outdoor gardens and furniture. As rattans become more and more popular with furniture manufacturers, the cutting speed of the plants themselves is faster than the speed of their replacement. Synthetic rattan has been developed on the market to replace natural rattan.

Rattan effect garden furniture made of rattan can resist ultraviolet rays, frost and rain, so it becomes the perfect choice for outdoor garden furniture. But it should be noted that if you choose furniture made of natural rattan, because there is no special treatment, it needs to be well maintained, which is more suitable for indoor placement. If it is a synthetic rattan, after special treatment, it can better deal with outdoor weather problems.

Cane Furniture

Wicker Furniture
Wicker generally refers to the method, not the material. The form produced by woven or interwoven materials is appropriately called wicker products. Wicker products are made when slender branches are woven around wood or metal frames. Wicker furniture is usually made of natural or synthetic materials. The materials we use to make wicker are usually Reed, willow, bamboo and so on. Synthetic wicker usually contains fibers that have been dyed or dyed, such as some wicker products that use synthetic materials such as resin or vinyl. Natural wicker usually needs to be varnished or painted and is sometimes set aside.

We can find wicker furniture made of a variety of lightweight materials, so wicker furniture gives people a feeling of lightness and freshness. Its breathability and freshness are very suitable for use in tropical environments. The light weight makes wicker furniture a suitable choice for outdoor use. But at the same time, wicker furniture needs careful maintenance. Weaving objects are easy to get dirt when used for a long time, so dust and clean your wicker furniture regularly.

Wicker Furniture

Cane Furniture
Cane is actually a specific part of the vine, the thinner material obtained by peeling off the vine from the outside. The cane is very light, very flexible and stronger than the rattan. It is also lighter in color, somewhat shiny, and much less porous. As we mentioned earlier on rattan, the massive exploitation of vines makes sugarcane very expensive.

The cane furniture looks fine and elegant, but it will be more expensive. And cane is usually used as a supporting material for furniture, not as a whole for furniture production. It will be used in the back of the chair and the frame extension on the seat to improve the firmness of the furniture. Cane furniture is prone to staining, and we need to pay special attention to its maintenance. Otherwise we will need to provide expensive maintenance fees.

The Difference of Cane, Wicker, Rattan Furniture
We have introduced their respective characteristics one by one. I believe you also have a detailed understanding of this. It is not difficult to see that the biggest difference between wicker furniture and cane and rattan style furniture is that it is not a material, but a design style. So the style of wicker furniture will be more diverse.

Rattan and cane furniture come from the same plant, but they have completely different uses in furniture design. Rattan is usually suitable for outdoor or home table and chair design. Cane is usually used for local support design.

In terms of cleaning and maintenance, rattan furniture also has more advantages over wicker furniture and cane furniture. Wicker furniture needs to be cleaned and apply a varnish or pain regularly, cane furniture is prone to staining and has high maintenance cost, while rattan garden furniture has weatherproof design, cleaning is also very convenient. By comparison, Furniture woven with rattan is more in line with the choice of most people. Of course, if you prefer the design style, you can choose according to your own preferences.

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