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What is Rattan Furniture Made of?

November 19, 2021 3 min read

When you want to buy high-quality furniture for your home and wander around the furniture market, you may be surprised to find that there are many different kinds of furniture in today's furniture market. Perhaps in your mind, you will think that modern metal furniture or wooden furniture is the most popular furniture type among contemporary young people. However, with the acceleration of the pace of urban life, more and more people tend to buy old and simple pastoral style furniture. As a representative of pastoral style furniture, rattan furniture has gradually become one of the best-selling furniture types in today's furniture market. For example, if you want to add comfortable outdoor furniture to the nice patio or lawn in your garden, you can consider filling these areas with rattan sofa set. It can not only better decorate your garden, but also bring you the most comfortable experience.

Rattan Sofa Set

Nowadays, although people pay more and more attention to rattan style furniture, there are still many people who don't know much about this type of furniture. When it comes to the materials for making this furniture, you may think it is obvious, but in fact it is far from as simple as you think. Before you want to know what this style of furniture is made of, you must first know what rattan cane is and something about its history. As we all know thatrattan cane is a trailing plant that grows in tropical rain forest, but it was first discovered in the tomb of Pharaoh in Egypt. Before rattan cane was discovered, wicker was the best braid used by people of ancient civilization to make baskets and other handicrafts. Wicker became popular in many areas of northern Europe in the 17th century. Because of its appearance, weaving became a part of people's daily life at that time. However, with the emergence of rattan cane and the promotion of Asia-Europe trade, light and tough rattan cane soon became the main weaving material in the west. It was widely used in Britain, India and other places, and occupied a prominent position in the Victorian era so that it became a symbol of luxury goods at that time. But later, with the progress of production technology and the reduction of manufacturing cost, furniture made of rattan cane is no longer regarded as only suitable for the upper class to use, but more integrated into ordinary families. Besides, rattan cane can also be used as a trading tool. For example, some villages in Vietnam and Laos rely heavily on rattan cane trade because this can bring them good income. Nowadays, with the development of modern society, there are more types of rattan furniture than ever before. Whether it's a comfortable rattan sofa set or a chic rattan dining table, it can always bring you different feelings.

As you can see from the origin of rattan cane, it is a material that has never been out of date, and the furniture made of it still has great appeal to many people. But we should know that rattan cane can be divided into two types. One is natural rattan, and the other is synthetic rattan. Therefore, when talking about what rattan furniture is made of, you can't simply think that it is made of rattan cane material. In ancient civilization, it was made of natural rattan because of the undeveloped technology at that time. But in today's furniture market, furniture made of natural rattan is very rare. Instead, PE synthetic rattan is the best material for rattan garden furniture. Compared with furniture made of natural rattan, furniture made of synthetic rattan has many obvious advantages and benefits. One of the best advantages is that it has the function of weatherproof and ultraviolet resistance, which means that it will not be easily damaged when exposed to sunlight and rain. Therefore, furniture made of synthetic rattan can be enjoyed outdoors all year round, and it is very durable. Besides, it can also bring many benefits. For example, it has low maintenance cost and is easy to clean, so you don't have to spend a lot of money and time on maintenance and cleaning. Furthermore, furniture made of synthetic rattan can not only bring you comfort, but also have high aesthetic value. Placing it in your garden can add beauty to your garden, and you can feel comfortable if you sit on it. Therefore, furniture made of synthetic rattan is the best choice for your garden.

I believe you will know what rattan furniture is made of after reading this article. It is made in different ways in different periods, so you can't generalize that it is made of rattan cane. But it is a good choice to decorate your home with this style of furniture at any time.

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