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Does Rattan Furniture Fade in the Sun?

April 14, 2022 3 min read

Rattan is becoming increasingly popular in furniture design. It is inexpensive, durable, and can add a unique touch and personality to a place. This has led many people to use rattan as a great choice for outdoor furniture. After all, style, comfort and practicality are the hallmarks of rattan garden furniture set! When we first purchased the rattan garden set, it looked perfect and we were very hopeful that it would stay that way. Even though it spends more than half of the year outside in the rain, sun and heat, we want our furniture to look great year after year.

In recent years, we've heard a lot about the dangers of spending too much time in the sun. The UV rays produced by the sun can damage anything left outside for too long, and the most common problem is causing fading of furniture. Patio furniture is pretty much the item that spends the most time in the sun, which can't help but raise a lot of eyebrows. And it makes people start to speculate and worry whether rattan sofa set in their garden will fade in the sun?

Are all rattan furniture UV-protected?
High-quality synthetic rattan garden set will not fade, because dyes are mixed into the whole braided wire. High-quality synthetic rattan is made of polyethylene (PE), which is also the most hardwearing material used in synthetic rattan. It provides ultraviolet protection, so its color won't fade easily, and it is more resistant to the weather in Britain than other similar materials. This low-maintenance material can be left completely outside all year round without damage from the sun. The natural rattan used to make outdoor furniture will also be treated with ultraviolet rays, which can also resist the strong sunlight and ensure the beautiful furniture in the next few years. However, cheap and inferior rattan style furniture is only dyed on the surface, which means that excessive exposure to strong sunlight will fade with the passage of time. At the same time, in most cases, bright primary colors will fade more easily than earth tone. If you leave light-colored rattan effect furniture outdoors for many years without any shade, it is still possible that the furniture will fade at least a little in these years. However, due to the material, the fading will be consistent.

High-Quality Synthetic Rattan Garden Set

Can faded rattan furniture be restored?
If your rattan effect furniture has faded, you're definitely wondering if it can still be restored. Solving the problem of faded synthetic rattan is really hard for you to do, but you do have some options. You may be able to replace your rattan effect furniture set, but this may be an expensive risk that you are not willing to pay for. You can also use paint or varnish. However, beware that the finish won't be as great as you'd get on natural rattan. And furniture made from synthetic rattan cannot be stained or dyed if it fades, because you cannot sand or polish it to create the right finish for the paint. Of course, even if you do manage to paint or varnish synthetic rattan, it will almost certainly start to peel quickly. If fading is a real problem for you, you should know how to prevent sun damage to your rattan patio furniture. Therefore, in order to prevent you from getting headaches from your furniture fading you might as well invest in quality rattan garden furniture. This will allow you to put it can be placed outdoors all year round without much hassle or maintenance.

Restore Faded Rattan Furniture

If your furniture has faded from years of exposure to UV rays and you need to invest in more garden furniture for this summer, furniture made from high quality synthetic rattan is believed to be the best solution for you. In fact, when you have synthetic rattan style furniture, not only will you avoid the effects that exposure to UV rays and other elements will eventually have on it, but also ensure that it will still look very popular in the next few years.

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