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What Do You Look for in the Perfect BBQ Gazebo?

April 14, 2022 4 min read

We lead busy lives in the modern world, so we often don't have enough time to spend with the people we love. When the opportunity arises, you want to get everyone together to make sure you have a great time together. An outdoor barbecue is such a great opportunity. But when the weather doesn't allow it, you may be disappointed. Instead of letting the weather get in the way of your barbecue, invest in a sanctuary for your outdoor barbecue. Having a grill shelter outside is the perfect way to provide shelter and add outdoor ambiance to your backyard barbecue.

Not only does it provide a place to grill and store food, but it also provides a great place to sit and relax. You can grill, roast marshmallows, cook, or just sit and watch the sun go down in peace under the shelter of a barbecue gazebo. There are many factors to consider when choosing a barbecue awning if you are very interested in it, but you need to consider some very important specifications to consider when choosing the ideal gazebo for you.

The size of your bbq gazebo will play an important role in meeting your needs. You can start by measuring the dimensions of your garden while determining the number of people you wish to comfortably accommodate in the gazebo. So as to make sure that it fits the area where your barbecue is located and that there is enough room for your guests or family to stay. If you only have a small grill, then choose a bbq shelter that only needs to accommodate your grill without taking up all the space in your garden. Conversely, if you have a large garden and need to entertain more friends or guests, then choose a wider gazebo that provides extra space for you and your guests to walk around or squeeze under when it rains.

Canopy Quality
The materials used to build your gazebo canopy are probably the most important thing you should be aware of. If you live in a cold climate, you'll want something more durable that can handle heavy rain and snow. On the other hand, if you live in a hot climate where it doesn't rain much, you value the UV protection of the canopy fabric more. The perfect garden bbq shelter canopy is made of waterproof and tear-resistant material and is resistant to staining and mildew. It must also be UV-treated, as UV rays usually cause the material to fade over time. Only a durable canopy fabric will better protect your gazebo from the harsh outdoor weather and thus make it better for long term use.

The Canopy of BBQ Gazebo

Frame Structure
Safety and stability are of paramount importance when grilling. This relies more on the frame of the gazebo. To avoid tip-over situations while cooking, you need to choose a sturdy structure. The thickness of the frame, especially the legs, has a great impact on the stability. In addition, barbecue gazebos are often exposed to harsh environments, so you always want to look for a strong and very durable frame that can withstand rust and is strong enough to withstand the elements. Steel frames with powder coating are the most common and good choice because they are durable and strong, and they reduce the risk of rust and corrosion.

Ventilation Effect
Airflow and ventilation are other important features to consider when choosing the perfect gazebo. Good ventilation will prevent you from choking on the smoke and ruining the entire barbecue. Typically, most gazebos have open sides that allow fresh air to enter and exit easily. However, if you want better ventilation, then you should buy a grill shelter with a two-tiered canopy. Features such as an open space at the top will provide adequate ventilation for smoke from the grill, which will help reduce the risk of filling the entire area below the gazebo with smoke. Also, if the roof is vented, it will reduce the pressure of the wind on the gazebo frame.

Well-Ventilated Barbecue Gazebo

Additional Accessories
Finally you can also consider that bbq gazebos offer unique features that are useful for barbecues. If you have a fair amount of accessories to outfit your barbecue awning, then you need to purchase a gazebo with enough accessory hooks and shelves. The hooks in a barbecue awning are designed to help you hang accessories such as lights and fans. If you are concerned about poor ventilation or overly hot weather, you can choose to hang a fan from the top of the middle of the gazebo. And some gazebos with tool hooks on the side shelves allow you to hang the tools you need and store plates and drinks while you grill. If you're grilling at night, purchasing a gazebo with LED light fittings can be a great way to provide lighting at night.

Fully Functional BBQ Gazebo

Obviously, the best shelters for barbecue use are easy to find. If you want to have the perfect bbq shelter, remember to think in terms of its size, frame, canopy, ventilation as well as additional accessories. When you have the perfect gazebo for you, this will also give you and everyone around you the opportunity to continue enjoying the afternoon without letting the outdoor weather conditions affect the day and ruin the barbecue.

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