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How is Rattan Furniture Made?

January 27, 2022 3 min read

When it comes to rattan style furniture, it is not difficult to find that it has become a popular choice for British homeowners. It is the perfect choice for indoor and outdoor environment. From the corner of the coffee shop where you have your daily coffee to your friend's living room to your grandmother's garden, this aesthetic-looking thing will attract people's attention, and can make a space look elegant and transform its boring appearance. Of course, its look, with its sleek silhouette highlighting the room and drawing your attention away from the design on the walls to the design of the furniture. That kind of look isn’t achieved by accident. As we all know, furniture woven with rattan has a long history and has been extended to this day, and its design and manufacture is a process of constant renewal and improvement. Choosing the right material is only the first step in many steps of making this type of furniture. If you are curious about its complete manufacturing skills, you may wish to read on. We will introduce how rattan furniture is made from three aspects.

Aesthetic-Looking Rattan Furniture

Making the Frames
The first step in producing furniture is to make the frame. Frames for furniture woven with rattan are usually made of metal, but occasionally wood is used. Cut the frame pieces to the required size and bevel the ends of each piece so that they fit together easily. Nail the pieces together to create your frame. Start with the top of the furniture and add the legs. The diameter of the frame is generally larger than the rattan fiber used in the weaving process. In addition, rattan outdoor furniture has to face the elements of outdoor weather day in and day out, so it must have a frame that is durable. Therefore, most of the metal frames will be treated with powder coating, so they can be rustproof and can handle humid environment well.

The next step is to weave the rattan horizontally and vertically onto the frame in order to create a crisscross pattern on the furniture. Rattan style furniture is usually woven in two ways. One is by hand weaving and the other is by using a rattan weaving machine. Hand weaving is done in two ways; one is open, which is spaced. The other is closed, which is a very tight weave. Usually the tighter the weave the more durable and stronger the rattan will be. The rattan table and chairs set woven by hand is usually more expensive, as it takes longer to make. Another way of weaving by the rattan weaving machine, the rattan large tracts of land is woven into continuously the rattan plaited fabric of specifying the wide cut strip, the warp rattan in above-mentioned rattan plaited fabric and parallel rattan are adhesively fixed. This type of weaving will be more time and labor efficient and the weave will be of a very neat specification.

Painting and sealing
The last step is to apply varnish or any other sealant on your new rattan fabric. This can effectively keep the bright colors of furniture and protect rattan fiber from the influence of humid conditions. At the same time, the purpose of sealant is to lock it in place, so that it won't start to come apart after being used rarely. Generally, care will be taken not to apply too much sealant or varnish on it. Next, apply the sealant in three times, apply the sealant on it and dry it, and then apply it the next time. Repeat this process three times.This will strengthen the surface of your weave. Finally, the rattan weaving is connected to the frame of the manufactured rattan furniture set. If PE rattan is used, there is no need for sealing, because the material is nonporous and has good weather resistance.

The above is about the complete manufacturing process of rattan furniture. It offers you real value for money and with all the beautiful new and innovative designs to choose from, finding the right style of furniture for your home has become much easier. Whether you want an ultra-modern feel for your home or something a little more traditional, sourcing this type of furniture online will save you a fortune and add a new dimension of style to your home.

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