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Which are the Right Heat Resistant Furniture for Your Garden?

January 27, 2022 3 min read

When the sun is shining and you have outdoor space, there is nothing better than spending comfortable and lazy days outdoors, basking in the sun and eating in the open air. People who live in sunny places most of the year are lucky. In this way, they can enjoy their garden or terrace in all seasons without risking the constant threat of humidity or rain to their garden furniture. However, with the increasing temperature in summer, your furniture must be able to absorb heat and plenty of sunshine for a long time without being damaged or faded. If you want your outdoor garden furniture to look brand-new in the next few years, then good material selection is particularly important.

Usually, when choosing new garden furniture for your courtyard, most people pay more attention to style, function and comfort. However, for the outdoor high temperature climate that may need to be faced, the ability of different materials of furniture to withstand high temperature will be different. If you are looking for high temperature resistant furniture that is most suitable for direct sunlight, you can put it in your garden area, where there are many different options. Rattan garden furniture, wood garden furniture, stainless steel and aluminum garden furniture are all well-known durable furniture, which have excellent weather resistance outdoors. Here, we provide you with guidance to help you better understand them.

Wood garden furniture
There is a wide range of woods suitable for garden furniture, such as teak, eucalyptus, pine and cedar. These pieces are strong, gorgeous and will go with almost any patio style. If the timber is sealed, it will be able to withstand more than the elements, including moisture, sunlight, wind and heat. The key to maintaining these pieces is to enhance their weather resistance with the appropriate oils and varnishes. Untreated wood is not suitable for direct sunlight, so store accordingly to avoid damage. Amongst wooden furniture, teak is an excellent wood for use in hot environments. However, this type of furniture tends to be more expensive and will not be a suitable choice for those on a budget.

Rattan garden furniture
Almost all rattan outdoor furniture is made of high density polyethylene. The rattan of this material has been treated with ultraviolet protective agent, so it can withstand direct sunlight and is very suitable for high temperature climate. At the same time, synthetic rattan is very strong, light in weight and anti-fading, and is usually made of metal frame to provide extra support. Their maintenance level is relatively low, and they are easy to clean with water and mild detergent. In addition, unless the rattan garden furniture with black or darker color is hot to touch at high temperature, the light-colored rattan can well avoid this problem. Comparatively speaking, grey rattan furniture is more suitable for use in hot summer.

Best Heat Resistant Rattan Garden Furniture

Stainless steel furniture
Stainless steel furniture is strong and stable. Modern stainless steel furniture is treated with a weather-resistant powder coating to protect it from moisture and rust. It is resistant to cracking and will not fade in the sunlight, in addition to being At the same time, its heavier weight makes it wind-resistant compared to wooden and rattan garden furniture, so it will not blow over or fly away in strong wind conditions. This type of furniture performs well in windy and sunny climates, but it should be noted that it absorbs heat easily and can become very hot in hot environments and take quite a while to cool down.

Aluminium garden furniture
Aluminum is the most popular metal for outdoor garden furniture. Sunshine will not cause any physical damage to aluminum. Although it is light, it is durable, strong and weather-resistant, and can be easily processed into complex shapes. Like rattan style furniture, it is relatively cheap, never rusts and has low maintenance cost. One of the disadvantages of aluminum is that, like stainless steel furniture, aluminum can easily get hot under direct sunlight. Therefore, you'd better buy an extra seat cushion to help you keep cool and comfortable.

Having a piece of suitable outdoor garden furniture can make you enjoy outdoor time and relax as much as possible. Therefore, you'd better choose the furniture materials that can be used in various climates in the wisest way. Light-colored rattan effect garden furniture will be an ideal choice. You can relax in the garden or terrace all summer without worrying that the high temperature will damage your favorite new furniture.

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