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How to Arrange Cushions on the Rattan Sofa?

July 14, 2022 4 min read

There's no doubt that adding cushions to your sofa will add comfort and enhance the beauty of your living space. Cushions are also an easy and affordable way to change the style of your living space depending on the season, infuse popular colors and materials, and dress up your sofa according to your mood. When you see a sofa without cushions, especially a rattan corner sofa, it can look empty and lifeless. There are many people who are completely clueless when it comes to matching and arranging cushions. If you want to make the lounge area look amazing, here is how you can accomplish the perfect rattan sofa cushion arrangement with some simple techniques.

Paired cushion arrangement
The paired cushion arrangement is the simplest and creates a pleasing symmetrical look. It consists of two identical cushions placed at different ends of a rattan sofa. These can be placed in the corners or in the center of the rattan style sofa with a proportional gap between them. If you want a more formal and traditional look, place two pairs of matching cushions of different sizes at the ends of the rattan sofa. Use a larger solid-colored cushion as the base; then add a smaller cushion with a pattern in front of it. Having the same cushions on both sides creates an elegant and neat look for your living space. Create a sophisticated, cohesive look with matching or similar cushions, or draw attention to yourself with contrasting cushions.

Arrange Paired Cushions on Rattan Sofa

Balanced cushion arrangement
This cushion arrangement is similar to 'the double sides look' with two pairs of cushions in different sizes on either end of your rattan couch, but it also adds an additional cushion in the center to create a fuller and more balanced look. The center cushion can be a different shape; perhaps lumbar or supportive to accommodate the change in height. For a more layered look, choose a center cushion that has a contrasting color, pattern or texture to the cushions at the ends of the rattan style sofa. To create a balanced look, three or five cushions need to be arranged symmetrically on the sofa, one in the middle and the rest equally spaced on the sides. A balanced arrangement of cushions can coordinate well with different fabrics. The symmetry of even the most random or eclectic fabrics can lend it a subtle beauty.

Arrange Balanced Cushion on Rattan Sofa

Central cushion arrangement
For a more relaxed look, place all cushions at an angle in the center of the rattan style sofa rather than restricting them to the ends. This arrangement is ideal for rattan sofa set that are too small or too long to be arranged at the ends. It is also a good solution for curved rattan garden sofas that do not have structured ends. The central pillow arrangement can contain one, two or even three cushions, but no matter how many there are, they must be arranged as a unit and placed in the center of that sofa. The same number of cushions provides a more organized and fixed feeling to the decorative scheme. And working with an odd number so that three or five cushions overlap at an angle, with alternating colors, textures and patterns, allows for a more spontaneous and relaxed visual feel.

Separated trios of cushion arrangement
If you like everything neat, calm, and appropriate, you may especially like this arrangement. This arrangement is a great way to place six cushions on a rattan couch; three on each side. It gives you the freedom to enjoy different colors, patterns and textures, as long as each pair matches. Start with the largest decorative cushion at the back and work your way in, adding a pair of smaller cushions as you go along. Replicate the look of the diagonal with the same cushions. Having the appropriate cushions to match will look neat and subdued. The look may be different by using different shapes, sizes and fabrics of the featured cushions to bring in different textures and avoid monotonous finishes. A trio cushion arrangement in a relative corner is a popular and timeless look for rattan style sofa arrangements.

Arrange Separated Trios of Cushion on Rattan Sofa

Eclectic cushion arrangement
For those who want to add a little drama by using different cushion sizes, colors and textures, eclectic cushion shapes this could be the perfect arrangement for your rattan sofa set. You can dispense with symmetry and place different numbers of cushions at each end of the sofa. Try three cushions on one end and two on the other, or for smaller rattan style sofas, try two cushions on one end and one cushion on the other. All cushions of this look may be unique, but to ensure that your sofa does not look too special, make sure that the color or material of one of the cushions coordinates with your sofa.

If you are not sure which arrangement is best for your rattan style sofa, try each arrangement and see which one works for you. The great thing about cushions is that they can be easily rearranged, allowing you to change the look of your sofa whenever you want. Keep your rattan furniture cushions in great shape by fluffing the cushions regularly. Vacuuming also helps remove dust and dirt and makes the cushions look as good as new.



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