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How to Keep Your Rattan Furniture Cushions in Great Shape?

March 24, 2022 4 min read

One of the most relaxing things to do in the spring and summer is to sit outside and enjoy the sun. If you have a patio or garden, you'll probably spend a lot of time enjoying these seasons on rattan sofa sets, pillows, and cushions. The fabrics used for outdoor cushions and pillows are both durable and stylish, but that doesn't mean they're completely weatherproof. Usually, cushions on furniture are designed to provide you with comfort, and we can't avoid problems such as dirt, stains and wear when using them frequently. While some rattan effect furniture cushions are designed to combat these elements, they still require some proper care and maintenance. After all, the cushions are part of the furniture, and taking care of them is crucial to prolonging the life of your furniture as well. Below, we share some tips to help keep your rattan furniture cushions in great shape season after season.

Consider furniture covers
Covering your furniture when it is not in use is the easiest and most effective measure. Purchase a high quality furniture cover which will protect the cushions from moisture, dust and fading. Most outdoor furniture covers are not too expensive and are an affordable option for many people. When you plan to purchase a rattan corner sofa set, you might as well purchase a matching cover for it. This will provide you with great help in the subsequent protection and cleaning of your furniture. Also these rattan furniture covers are very easy to care for and store, and will keep their appearance for many years. We cannot get rid of the fact that there is dust and pollutants in the air that can affect the appearance of the furniture. On windy days, garden dust can throw crumbs on the cushions. By covering it, you will get rid of dust and stains and keep your cushions looking their best.

Cover Rattan Corner Sofa Set

Clean regularly
One of the best ways to keep any cushions in good condition is to clean them regularly. Brush off crumbs and dirt from your cushions regularly to keep your beautiful furniture looking great. Your rattan sofa set may spill some barbecue sauce, wine and potato salad when you host a garden party. The best thing to do is to clean them immediately. Of course you need to know exactly how to clean your rattan sofa cushions. Before they set, spot clean with a damp cloth and a mild detergent. Some stains may be more difficult to remove. When you clean it promptly, this will stop it from embedding in the fabric and limit the growth of mildew, which needs dirt to grow. You should also shake off pollen, bugs, pine needles and other debris that may get into the seams on a regular basis to keep the cushion clean and tidy. This will all protect the longevity of your outdoor cushions and pillows.

Avoid direct sunlight
While most rattan effect furniture is designed to resist UV rays, too much sunlight can cause the fabric to fade over time. So please try to make sure they are not exposed to direct sunlight. Of course, some cushions have synthetic fabrics with UV protection that prevent the set from fading in direct sunlight. However, if your rattan furniture cushions do not have UV protection, be prepared for the fact that your cushions may fade. There are several ways to protect your furniture from the sun's damaging rays. The easiest way is to move your outdoor furniture to a cool or covered area when not in use. You can also use spray-on fabric guards to help prevent cushions from fading.

Protect Rattan Furniture from the Sun

Keep them thoroughly dry
It is important to make sure they are completely dry before using and storing them again. Most rattan furniture cushions are designed to be resistant to moisture, fading and mildew. This means that when the fabric gets wet from rain, water will form droplets and roll off the fabric. However, if the cushions are constantly left out in the elements and not properly cared for, they will eventually show signs of wear and tear, including the possibility of mold and mildew. So if you happen to leave your outdoor cushions outside during a rainstorm or after washing them, make sure you shake off all excess moisture as soon as possible. Then let them dry thoroughly in the air. Or leave them all in the sun to dry completely, turning them over to ensure that both sides get the drying power of the sun.

Bring them indoors in extreme weather
During unfriendly seasons, it is best to bring your furniture indoors with your cushions. On the one hand, it is to protect your cushions from wear and tear from exposure to blizzards, storms and other extreme weather. On the other hand, it's to prevent critters from using your cushions as their winter home. Place it in your garage or storage room to protect it from the next warm weather period and to keep it safe and clean. If you don't have room indoors for the entire rattan furniture, you must at least remove the cushions and keep them. Storing your cushions under a covered, dry space will prolong the shape and appearance of your outdoor cushions and protect them from mold and mildew.

Bring Rattan Furniture Set Indoors

Using these simple care tips, you can keep your rattan effect furniture cushions looking and feeling great. With just some regular maintenance, you're free to relax and enjoy the outdoors in comfort and style.

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