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How to Better Position Your Rattan Corner Sofa?

October 08, 2021 4 min read

With the improvement and development of people's living conditions and society, the status of rattan garden furniture has been rising. Nowadays, it has gradually become one of the favorite furniture of contemporary young people to buy. Among rattan outdoor furniture, rattan corner sofa is deeply loved by people. Because its natural style is a symbol of leisure life, which means being close to nature, simple but luxurious. It can make full use of space and has a novel design. At the same time, it also brings comfort and convenience to people, which makes them feel comfortable and free.

However, rattan corner sofa is sometimes the most easily overlooked part of rattan garden furniture, but it can really play a very good decorative role indoors and outdoors. But even the most beautiful sofa, if positioned incorrectly, has almost no visual impact, and may even adversely affect the overall layout of the living room, balcony, garden or patio. Although buying a new rattan garden corner sofa is exciting for everyone, it is often accompanied by some problems, such as how to better position it in order to bring its functions into full should be a question that many people should think about. I will give some suggestions from indoor and outdoor, hoping to help you to better position your rattan corner set.Rattan Sofa
The large rattan corner sofa is suitable for indoor living room, which can make the whole living room look expensive and elegant. At the same time, it is not only adding beauty but also save space.

1.Combination of L-shape and single person sofa
The corner arrangement increases the flexibility and activity of the indoor space. The combination of L-shaped sofa and single person sofa can make the best use of the space. In the rattan corner sofa, the most common one is L-shaped arrangement, in which the long sides of the sofa are placed in an arc shape, in order to increase the comfort of conversation between the host and the guest. The variation of this ring arrangement can be that much furniture surrounds the coffee table in all directions, or sofas of different styles are arranged in circular arc, or scattered without seeking rules and regulations. However, regardless of the distance, the coffee table facing the center is the direction of each seat.

2.Keep the freshness of space at all times
The design of corner area is suitable for fashionable and bright home environment. Corners are formed by free combination of different sofa positions, and can be changed according to one’s own preferences in the later period, so as to keep the space fresh at any time. Corner sofa area is generally suitable for fashionable home design, and can also make full use of the space. ‘Corner style' is composed of several single sofas, they are movable and changeable, and the layout can be changed according to needs, so that the living room is always full of freshness.Rattan Outdoor Sofa
The rattan outdoor corner sofa is also a kind of beautiful rattan garden furniture, which can be placed in balcony, garden or patio, and can be used for decoration and leisure. On a sunny afternoon, you can sit on the outdoor rattan sofa to read books or newspapers. If your friends come, you can entertain them for afternoon tea while enjoying the sunshine bath.

1.Make sure the sofa is as far away from the road as possible
As the name implies, rattan corner sofa refers to a sofa placed in a corner at a 90-degree angle. In the garden, it is recommended that you should ensure that the sofa is as far away from the road as possible, preferably in areas where pedestrians do not pass frequently. No one likes to step on other people's feet when they walk by, which is not comfortable for relaxed people. Therefore, by positioning new sofa aside, you will reassure all the people concerned.

2.Make sure the plenty of room
When placing the rattan corner sofa, you should also ensure that there is enough free space in front of and around the sofa, so that people sitting on the sofa can stretch their legs and feel comfortable. Similarly, the configuration of multiple sofas or armchairs facing each other should ensure that all guests have legroom and do not get too close together.

In a word, it is always a good idea to put a rattan coffee set indoors or outdoors. If there is a good area in your garden, whether in the corner of your lawn or in a special courtyard area, you should look at the rattan sofa set to fill your area. It is not only beautiful but also practical. It can save more space indoors and enjoy scenery outdoors. Although most gardens or courtyards will not have gorgeous scenery, putting some decorations outside the fence, such as a beautiful vase, can increase the experience of sitting on the sofa. These above suggestions may help you to arrange your rattan corner sofa better, and you will be able to ensure that your rattan corner sofa set is in an ideal position, so as to maximize its potential.

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