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Is the Rattan Corner Sofa Set Really Waterproof?

October 08, 2021 4 min read

Summer is when everyone likes to go outdoors to breathe fresh air and enjoy sunshine and life instead of just staying at home to spend boring days. This is the best time to make your outdoor life more exciting and unforgettable, so you should make good use of it. Perhaps, some people want to invite their friends to come home for afternoon tea and chat for a whole afternoon, while others want to sit on the outdoor sofa and enjoy sunshine then read books. In order to improve the quality of life, people want to buy outdoor furniture for their gardens and outdoors. At this time, outdoor rattan corner sofa is a good choice.

Nowadays, more and more young people prefer rattan sofa sets, because they are not only used in balconies, gardens, tea rooms, study rooms, living rooms but also beautiful and can help save more space. However, with the increasing attention of rattan corner sofa, many people wonder whether rattan style furniture can be waterproof. Next, I will discuss whether it is waterproof or not from two aspects of natural rattan and synthetic rattan, and then I will give you some advice on how to prolong the service life of your rattan outdoor furniture. I hope you can find a satisfactory answer after reading this article.

Natural rattan
If you want to know whether rattan garden furniture is waterproof or not, you must first understand the natural rattan. Rattan is a solid, tough and elastic vine. Usually, rattan sofas are made of rattan, rattan skin and solid wood through more than a dozen processes. Rattan skin is used to weave the main body of furniture, while rattan is used to make the trunk of furniture. Rattan is a good material for making garden furniture, and the workload of cleaning and maintenance is less. However, not all rattan materials are waterproof, and if natural rattan furniture is left in the rain for a long time, it may be damaged. Even if you use quilts or storerooms to protect rattan corner sofas made of natural rattan, if the weather conditions are not good, the natural rattan will rot quickly. If there is no proper sunlight after the rain, your precious natural rattan sofa may crack. Therefore, it can be seen that the rattan corner sofa set made of natural rattan is not waterproof.

Synthetic rattan
Natural rattan is usually soaked in purple oil and coconut oil, and then treated with sulfur. Furniture made of this rattan will not be cracked or eaten by insects even for decades. When you buy furniture in a store, you will see the waterproof layer on it, which can generally withstand all kinds of weather. At present, the synthetic rattan furniture set on the market is mostly made of PE rattan, which is provided with an anti-ultraviolet layer, which can keep the natural color unchanged and will not fade due to sunlight. Even if it rains, it is ideal to use synthetic rattan furniture instead of natural rattan furniture, because it will not be soaked in water, has high waterproof performance, and its organizational structure is dense and elastic, which is not easy to crack, so it is durable. Therefore, synthetic rattan covers the furniture market because of its waterproof function and durability compared with natural rattan. If you use the rattan corner sofa made of synthetic PE rattan material, you can safely leave the rattan furniture outdoors, because it is waterproof.Rattan Corner Sofa
Several tips for prolonging the service life of rattan outdoor furniture
The synthetic PE rattan outdoor sofa can be placed outdoor for a long time due to its waterproof function. However, if you leave your furniture for a long time, it is a great thing to cover them and keep them in the shed or storeroom. As time goes by, your furniture may be damaged by mold or other natural factors. But don't worry, I will give some suggestions on how to prolong the service life of outdoor rattan furniture:

1.Keep clean every day
Rattan outdoor furniture is easy to clean and maintain, and dust layer can be cleaned with detergent and soft towel. This process helps to keep the natural color of furniture.

2.Need plenty of sunshine.
In summer, your outdoor rattan furniture may get wet because of the rain. Although synthetic rattan is waterproof, it also needs sunshine. Therefore, sufficient sunshine will reduce the humidity of furniture. Only in this way can our rattan corner sofa set be better protected.

3.Save carefully
You can put the furniture in the storeroom or cover it with a quilt when you are not using it, so as to better preserve your furniture at night when it rains. So it won't get wet, and you don't have to clean and dry your furniture again.

All in all, not all rattan corner sofas are waterproof. Only lawn sofa made of synthetic rattan can be waterproof, but sofas made of natural rattan cannot. Synthetic rattan is more flexible and of higher quality, and looks natural in many ways. Therefore, it is becoming more and more popular in Britain. If you don't use your sofa for a long time, don't forget to take necessary care of it to prolong its service life.

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