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How to Choose the Best Firepit Table for Your Outdoor Space?

May 26, 2022 4 min read

Outdoor recreation is a popular pastime for many people. When summer ends and winter is approaching, you may be forced to stop entertaining outdoors because of the cold weather. Fortunately, you can install a heat source in the backyard to keep your guests warm in the cool autumn and winter nights. Many people install fire pits or outdoor fireplaces to keep their yard lounge areas warm. A better option is a firepit table. Whether you're playing games, eating, or just sharing a conversation, a roaring fire adds atmosphere and a nice touch. But with so many tables with fire pit to choose from these days, it can be very difficult to choose. So how do you choose the best fire pit table so you can make the most of your outdoor space?

When choosing the ideal fire pit table set for your outdoor space, consider the purpose and setting of the outdoor area. Consider the configuration of your space, from the furniture arrangement to the size, scale and architecture of the setting. If you have a large patio and often host large gatherings, you will need a larger fire pit table. If your outdoor area is very small, you will need more of a compact fire pit table. Typically, tables with fire pit measuring 20-25 inches are ideal for compact spaces such as decks, patios or porches, while larger models measuring 40-45 inches make an impactful centerpiece in a large seating arrangement perfect for an outdoor lounge. Sized somewhere in between, outdoor fire pit table can be used in both compact spaces and large outdoor spaces and are a medium size that works in most spaces. Also be sure to read through the product brochure before you buy - clearance and installation requirements will dictate your choice. You will also need to consider overhanging branches, low hanging plants or awnings when outdoors. Whether the outdoor environment is dry or windy are these factors. Also be aware of how smoke and embers can drift around so you don't disturb guests and neighbors and don't risk setting the area on fire.

Size of Firepit Table

When choosing your table with fire pit, you may want it to blend in with your existing garden decor. Fortunately, there are many wonderful fire pit table designs, from modern to rustic, and everything in between. On top of that, there are options when it comes to shapes. For the most part, fire pit tables are either square or round, but there are also some rectangular ones on the market. Square fire pit tables are the perfect shape for intimate, warm lounge areas with comfortable furniture. Rectangular fire pit tables are great for large group dining or a good shape to place in front of a sofa. The round fire pit table is perfect for informal group gatherings. You can choose the style of fire pit table according to your preference will help you create a beautiful outdoor space for you and your family.

When you buy an outdoor fire pit table, it is important to consider the "outdoor" part. Whether you place the table on a patio, deck or elsewhere in your outdoor space, it will be affected by the forces of nature on a daily basis. Therefore, it will require high-quality, durable materials and construction that will stand the test of time. Steel fire pit tables are our first choice. Concrete may be sturdy but will get sooty over time, requiring treatment with a sealer and regular cleaning. As for aluminum, it is lightweight, but it can be very difficult to repair in the event of a collision. Steel is more cost effective, less prone to rust, and also easy to clean and maintain. This makes it an excellent choice for harsh climates. Unfinished steel has a sleek, industrial look, while powder coating the metal gives it a modern look.

Construction of Firepit Table

If you plan to use your fire pit table in the same location every time you use it, then you may not need to consider its portability. There are many heavy duty garden tables with fire pits that can be mounted on a patio and remain there all year round. Instead, some homeowners prefer to use the table with fire pit in a different area; perhaps one day in one yard and the next in the patio area at the top of the garden. What's more, if you're looking for a fire pit table that you can camp on or head to the caravan, then you'll need something light enough to move around. In addition to this, you will also need to consider whether the table with fire pit will come apart as this can make it much easier to move and transport.

Fuel type
There are many different types of fuels available to power an outdoor fire pit set, each with a unique set of characteristics and combustion qualities. Charcoal and propane are the most common fuels used in outdoor heating equipment. Propane provides a clean burning flame, making it easy to use in a fire pit set. Propane is usually contained in a propane tank that can be attached to the fire pit table and is often concealed. While propane can provide convenience and is superior to other fuel types, it can often become expensive to refill the tank on a regular basis. Charcoal-fueled fires burn hotter and usually last longer. At the same time a charcoal fire will produce a low flame and a long burning coal will produce a high and even heat that is ideal for cooking. This natural method can prove to be more cost effective than using propane tanks.

Charcoal Firepit Table

Firepit tables can provide a centerpiece for your patio, garden or campground. They can also be used as a simple heat source for grilling or storing food and drinks. Not only that, but they create a source of entertainment where your family and friends can get together and enjoy the outdoor campfire experience. We hope you will make a wise choice and pick the one that suits your outdoor space, climate and planned use.

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