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How to Decorate Your Rattan Dining Table for Your Next Garden Party?

May 27, 2022 4 min read

Summer is the time to enjoy the outdoor environment with friends. What better way to do this than to enjoy a delicious al fresco feast in your garden. Food and drinks are only half the battle when it comes to throwing a good garden party. Serve delicious food on a beautifully decorated rattan dining table will significantly enhance the overall enjoyment of your garden party. If you want to host a large family party in your outdoor space or are looking for the right table setting for a homemade afternoon tea, here are some tips and tricks to help you set a stunning rattan garden table for any occasion.

1. Tablecloths
Start with your tablecloth. A tablecloth can not only make your rattan garden dining set unique, but also can help you create different party themes. Even with a small budget, you can find beautiful tablecloths. Try picking pieces that have a bit of sheen to them for a luxurious feel. For example, champagne-colored cotton velvet tablecloths create a beautiful vintage look. If your tablecloth is as thin as silk, then you must place a quilted fabric underneath it as a protective layer to prevent the tablecloth from sliding. Also, make sure the tablecloth is the right size; it must completely cover the table and must be long enough to hang a bit over the edges. Covering your table is worth adding when you want to create some themed parties.

2. Candles
The shimmering light of a candle is perfect for adding character, color and warmth to any table. Nothing beats a dining room decoration like the glow and fragrance emanating from scented candles. You must choose the type of candles carefully for your rattan outdoor dining set decoration. If it is a birthday party where children are the main guests of honor, then you can use safer flameless LED candles. If it is a formal dinner, then choose lavender scented candles for a pleasant scent and well-lit dining environment. If it's your wedding anniversary, then light rose-scented pink candles in the center of the table and let the soft glow of the candles illuminate the space around you to make it more magical and fairy tale. On the other hand, if you are setting the table for a family meal on a festive occasion like Eid, then you can use a string of LED lights on either side of the table, or you can use more scented candles in the middle.

Candles on Rattan Dining Table

3. Glass containers or flowers
Bouquets are an easy way to enhance your party quickly and easily. They make a garden party really feel like a party in the garden. A floral centerpiece on your rattan garden table or smaller bunches of flowers dotted up and down the table are essential. Choose matching water jars or vases (same or different heights) and arrange them along the middle of the table. Remember to be mindful of the height when choosing flowers and vases so as not to cut the table in half. You can design around the seasons, for example using miniature daffodils and pastel shades in the spring, fluffy peonies and matching linens in the summer, and orange and red dahlias and vintage tableware in the fall.

Flowers on Rattan Dining Table

4. Placemats and napkins
Placemats and napkins are another key element. Placemats not only look beautiful, but they also form the frame for each setting and provide a stable area for plates, etc. Place them in front of each rattan dining chair and try to leave about 30 - 40 cm between each guest to provide a little elbow room. A good napkin is also essential, regardless of the type of napkin, offering them is just polite. If you want to be a little more formal, then be sure to choose cotton or linen. If you're hosting more of a buffet or barbecue, then be sure to wrap your utensils in napkins.

Placemats and Napkins on Rattan Dining Table

5. Fine tableware
Formal or informal tableware is still essential for a garden party where food can be enjoyed. We are not necessarily talking about the best porcelain and crystal. You choose plain white plates, which will allow your food and decorations to be the main focus. Bright, bold plates can be fun, so if you choose to go that route, simplify the surrounding decoration and plants. If you go the eclectic bohemian route you can pair it with a mix and match of different styles of porcelain dinnerware, making sure your guests have what they need in the right place is always a good thing. Even dinnerware with a solid metal finish is fine; it's something that can make a rattan dining table look more appealing! Of course you can also choose to go the disposable tableware route, the big advantage is that you don't risk losing expensive plates or glasses, it can simply be disposed of afterwards so there's no need to clean it either.

Fine Tableware on Rattan Dining Table

Tips for setting the table:
If you would like a guide to the perfect table setting, please read further. As a general rule, we try to space each item about 3 to 4 cm apart.

  • In the case of plates, they should always be in the center of each place setting, starting from the outside and moving with each course. Utensils should be arranged in order of use, with the fork on the left side of the plate, the knife on the right, and the blade facing in. If you serve soup, the spoon is placed to the right of each knife.
  • For dessert, the fork or spoon should be placed on top of the plate with the fork head pointing to the right and the spoon head pointing to the left. Side plates are always located on the left side of the plate, and all glassware or glasses should be located above and to the right of each plate.
  • Place the napkin on the dinner plate. If you fold a napkin other than the simple basic version, place it in the center of the setting or on the side plate to highlight it.

We all love to host the perfect garden party with rattan garden furniture, and knowing how to decorate your rattan outdoor dining table will brighten up your garden party and also add atmosphere to your daily meals!

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