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How to Clean and Maintain your BBQ Gazebo?

March 22, 2023 3 min read

The bbq shelter not only protects your grill from inclement weather, but also from UV rays, while creating a safe and comfortable cooking environment. But after a long weekend outdoors, your gazebo is bound to get some dirt and grime on it. Moisture, dirt and grime are the biggest challenges to keeping your gazebo in tip-top condition, so it's important to address these issues when maintaining and cleaning your gazebo. To ensure that your barbecue gazebo lasts as long as possible, you should keep the following tips in mind to keep it clean.

Keep Bbq Gazebo Clean

Initial inspection and pre-cleaning
It will help if you lay the top of the bbq gazebo as flat as possible on a tarp before you start cleaning. Check the top of the gazebo thoroughly for dirt or debris, mold and mildew, as well as any damage it may have. This is also a good time to check the top of the gazebo for any damage, such as small holes, stains or tears. These can usually be easily repaired if caught soon enough, and are easier to spot while your gazebo is up. After inspection and repair, it is time to use a soft brush to remove any visible dirt, grime or sludge from the tent. It is best to remove large amounts of mud or sludge, bird droppings and other debris.

Carefully clean your canopy
Once your grill gazebo is taken down and your canopy is spread out on your drop cloth, you can sweep. Make sure you use a soft, non-abrasive broom or brush to remove any remaining dirt and grime. Rinse your canopy with water and then spot clean with a cleaning solution and a rag or sponge. Using a gentle material is the way to clean the headliner without scratching the surface and damaging its coating. To thoroughly clean a tent with mold growth, use a commercially available enzyme cleaner. If you want the polyurethane coating that makes your tent waterproof to last as long as possible, you should only submerge it in water for the time specified on the bottle.

The Canopy of the Barbecue Gazebo

Clean the frame
The metal frame parts of the grill shelter are easy to clean. Simply prepare a solution of warm water and detergent as you would for washing dishes, and then scrub the pole with a cloth or sponge soaked in the solution. The metal parts must be thoroughly cleaned and dried. Again, this is a good time to check the gazebo frame for damage. For steel and aluminum frames, use soap and water and scrub and wipe with a soft bristle brush.

Dry the bbq tent
Part of cleaning your barbecue gazebo properly is drying it out. The canopy and frame of your gazebo can easily be damaged by water during the drying process. Improper drying can lead to physical damage as well as the growth of mold and mildew. In addition, it can cause your gazebo canopy to stink. If you live in a humid climate, you may need to leave your bbq tent in the sun for a few hours to ensure that all the moisture has evaporated. With just a little maintenance, your bbq tent will remain in good condition for many years to come.

Dry the Bbq Gazebo

Which cleaner is best for cleaning your bbq tent?
Experts’ advice on caring for bbq shelterincludes using only non-abrasive sponges or cloths, non-detergent soap, and avoiding using too much water. Avoid using home cleansers such as: dishwashing detergents that are too harsh; bleach; spot-removing products; soaking solutions for laundry.

What should you avoid doing?

  • Do not fail to read the instructions that come with the bbq tent.
  • Do not use hard brushes for cleaning.
  • Do not use chlorinated cleaners to clean the gazebo.
  • Do not store the gazebo in a damp place.
  • Do not expose the gazebo to sunlight for too long after it has dried completely.
  • Do not machine wash or machine dry the canopy of the gazebo.

By taking good care of your gazebo, taking it down after use, cleaning and drying it, and protecting it from weather damage, you can get the most value for your money and extend the lifespan of your bbq gazebo.


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